Coke Studio’s Last Episode is Defusing Hate among India and Pakistan

Coke Studio Last Episode


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Tensions between India and Pakistan have escalated alarmingly in the past few weeks, starting from the Uri Attack, the phony news of Uri Avenged, the arresting of spy pigeon to the propaganda relating the Pakistan-Russia military drills and whatnot. There has been nothing but hate, and there were only a few options to stop this hatred, either through cricket or music, the former being taken out of the question due to the threats by Indian political parties, however, the latter came of help via the grand finale of Coke Studio Season 9.

Whatever the people’s comments were during all this time when hatred had its say, Coke Studio’s fascinating finale stamped out all the negativity from the people’s mind, spreading a message of peace and love, irrespective of religion or region. The captivating episode full of melodious songs, heart-warming voices and the heartfelt lyrics made people forget all that has happened in the last week or so. People from Pakistan and from across the border, with their changed perception, spoke their heart out in elation, such was the impact of the season’s finale of Coke Studio.

Here’s what people had to say about the mesmerizing, epic finale of the season 9 Coke Studio.

The heart cries and soul sways..that is just about it. God bless CokeStudio Pakistan. God bless music. I can never understand hatred. Dear God, spread light. Like Sabri sahib said…Allah! We didn’t deserve a great performer like you. You deserved better. – Roh Wit.

I always love listening to music from coke studio pakistan. It’s amazing. Long live all the musicians. I was searching for this qawwali when I heard it in the movie Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Soulful music. The only thing I did not like it here was “Gokul dekha Mathura dekha par aisa rang na dekha” My dear Brothers from the other side of the border please visit India again and come to Mathura Vrindavan and Gokul or Golden temple or Any Dargah or any Masjid…you will find the same color(Rang ,God is one) everywhere. If there is any comparison involved in this qawwali then I oppose it. Rest no issues. Coke studio pakistan has always delivered amazing Music and my love for it grows more and more with each day passing..
“Rab bhi tere se door nhi, Tera bhi kasoor nahi,
Vekhan wali o Akhh hai ,Jise vich noor nhi”.
Love from India 💝 – Ashita Kapoor

omg….. goooosebums…… deserves 100million views…. two of the greatest…#legends… love from INDIA – Dr. Sanjeev Kappor

i dont give a fu** to india pakistan rivalry. But the artists like this will definitely end the rivalry. pakistab has the best artist in the world who cud make you cry with there soulful voice with a smile on there face. – Sanmesh Ghone

I dont give a shit about india pakistan conflict this is coke studio season 9 last episode and my first comment this dont make me special m an idiot 🙂 and i ever will be… i love pakistan more than i hate it. i love their artists more than i hate their diplomats. – Sagar Singh

Not just the Indian’s have expressed their love for Pakistani artists, fans from around the globe have appreciated their efforts to defuse hatred among the two nations: Pakistanis and Indians. Coke Studio and the great artists like Amjab Sabri Late, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, etc. have played their part, it’s our turn now to squelch the hate within our hearts and minds, let the love sprout again. That’s the only way to pacify the bumpy relations between the two very similar yet very distant nations.