How the recent events mounted tensions between Pakistan and India

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Tension between Pakistan and India is on the rise as the two states exchange fire on and off the border. Everyone over the world is eyeballing the current events as it gets more intense out there. Let’s take it step by step and realize where things started to get out of hands.

Indian Atrocities in Kashmir

Since 8th of July, Pakistan and India have been at each other’s throat after a Kashmiri youth leader, Burhan Muzaffer Wani was killed during an encounter with Indian security forces. Burhan became a militant at an early age and rose against the violence by Indian securities in that region. This episode of cruelty created unrest in the entire Indian Occupied Kashmir and demonstrations against the abuse of Indian military powers were taken to the streets. More than a 100 kashimri insurgents and youth leaders have lost their lives to the cause and many are injured and blinded by the use of the pellet guns by the security forces.

Uri Attack Accusation

On Sunday, the Indian army brigade was under attack by 4 commando styled gunmen and about 18 security personnel were killed during the exchange of fire. This event has created uproar in India, who accuses Pakistan for the incident that saw deaths of those people. The Indian media and nationalists since have been rooting for a war against Pakistan and demand a complete isolation of Pakistan by the International community.


The matter has been taken to the United Nations, where both states are taking shots at each other. Indian Prime Minister Narender Modi called Pakistan a terrorist state and has demanded complete isolation of Pakistan on International level, whereas Pakistani Pm Nawaz Shareef in his speech in UN General assembly presented a strong stand and briefed the UN over Indian brutalities in Indian Occupied Kashmir

Over a hundred Kashmiris have been killed, hundreds, including children and infants, blinded by shotgun pellets and over six thousand unarmed civilians injured over the past two months.
These Indian brutalities are well documented.

Pakistan’s Growing Affiliations:

Pakistan and China affiliation has grown since the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor came into being and China has reiterated Pakistan’s stance over the Kashmir dispute. Us also backed Pakistan on the same issue and refused to intervene in the matter. Turkey and Azerbaijan and many other countries have also showed their support for Pakistan and expressed their concerns over Kashmir’s turbulent condition.

The Foreign Ministers of Azerbaijan and Turkey expressed grave concern at the deteriorating situation in the Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

With an obscure possibility of a war between Pakistan and India, let’s have a look at the chances of both states if they plan to go on “War”.

Military Comparisons

Pakistan is ranked 11th in the list of countries having strongest military force in the world as per a Credit Suisse report on globalization, while India stands on number 5. The military strength indicator chart gave Pakistan a final score of 0.41 and India 0.67.

Nukes in Hand

India may have better ground military force on paper but Pakistan is ahead of them when it comes to Nuclear Warheads. According to experts, Pakistan stands on 110-130 while India stands on 100-120. Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) in a report stated that,

Pakistan operates four plutonium production reactors; India operates one. Pakistan has the capability to produce perhaps 20 nuclear warheads annually; India appears to be producing about five warheads annually

Well, things have started to heat up on both sides of borders and according to some Indian nationalists a nuclear war is on the cards. But the question here is that will a nuclear war provide a solution to this entire Kashmir Saga? A nuclear war will bring nothing but destruction. People rooting for a war should realize that there is no “winning” or “losing” side when it comes to a nuke war. There is no survival but only disruption. And it’s not like we don’t have enough chaos around us already when extremist attacks take millions of lives all around the world.

Pakistan in addition to that has faced several setbacks due to terrorism and is now trying to slowly snap out of it. Also, Kashmiris are on the receiving side of Indian barbarity daily. The only sane solution to this dispute is a “Plebiscite”. According to the UN Security Council resolutions, holding a plebiscite is the only way to go about it and let Kashmiris decide for themselves. But, India refused to hold a plebiscite in the first place which has not helped the matter but worsened it.