Thousands in Greece protested against Islamophobia and chanted ‘Pakistan Zindabad’

Pakistanis in Greece


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Greece was once the center of modern civilization and has now been notorious for its state-sponsored racism. During the course of past 4-5 years, there have been numerous acts of racial violence. Immigrants’ lives have been made difficult due to this wave of violence based on racial discrimination. Thousands of immigrants were seen protesting against Islamophobia in Greece, the majority of which were Pakistanis. There were slogans of Pakistan Zindabad among the crowd as well, giving out a clear message to those spreading hate against Islam that these acts of violence will make us nothing but strong.

The minority groups gathered in Athens to complaint against the violence attacks in the past few months. There have been more than 600 attacks of such nature, which makes Greece one of the most racist nation in the Europe. The protest took place in the heart of Athens where an Iraqi national was murdered two weeks ago. In the wake of the events happening in the past few weeks; an Albanian almost stabbed to death in the subway, the humiliation of a couple of Pakistanis by the Greek Police in a Police station, the Athenian Muslim community came out on the streets of Athens to protest all the wrong doings happening in the city. Watch the full video here.

Greece is the only country in the European Union where there’s no proper body for controlling and fighting the racial discrimination in the country. The fascists have a free hand in almost of the Greece, and they have been committing acts of violence at will, without having to worry about the Police or any other law enforcing agencies. The Police in particular has been indifferent to all the hatred being spread throughout the country. Racism-motivated brutalities have become a common spectacle in the country and there’s no one to stop the racists from doing so.

One of the protesters told Press TV about the reason behind their protest, saying,

We are here because the fascists are attacking us inside our mosques. They have no respect and the government is not arresting them. We want their punishment and we want equality. We’re Greece’s working class and we deserve respect.

Most of the protesters are of the view that the Greek’s influential political party, Golden Dawn has been behind most of the racist attacks and that the Police are encouraging the assaults, instead of stopping them. However, the Police and the Golden Dawn have denied all those claims made by the Athenian Muslim community. The Muslims are furious due to the negligence of the governments. One of the interviewee said that,

Don’t say anything about our Quran and our Prophet, we’re together

This is not the first time when this is happening in Greece. There have been numerous such occasions when such protests due to the racial discrimination have taken place. Its an alarming situation and the government of Greece must look into the cause of the problem. Lets hope that this Islamophobia ends here with some efforts from the Greek authorities.