Pakistani Taxi Driver awarded in Sharjah for returning 1.7 Million Dirhams

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In an increasingly money-centric environment one seldom finds an example where morals and principles are placed above the desire for money. However, a Pakistani cab driver, Naseerallah Sher Dola’s heroic action enabled us to believe that piety and honesty still exist.

Working as a cab driver in Sharjah, Dola came into media’s limelight when he received immense praise and reward by the Sharjah government for returning a colossal amount of 1.7 Million Dirhams which he found on the back seat of his cab.

Naseerallah Sher Dola

The money originally belonged to an East Asian businessman. Dola dropped the businessman to the airport but later found out that the passenger had forgotten the money. Taking a bold and brave step, Dola followed his heart and returned to the airport, notified the taxi office who later tracked down the owner of the bag through police and successfully handed him over the money.

The efforts of Naseerallah Sher Dola did not go in vain and were recognized by the Sharjah government. In a news report published in ARY News, Director Road and Transport Authority Sharjah, Mr. Abdul Aziz Al Jarwan said that he appreciates the effort made by Dola.

We always honor our dedicated staff members and we also encourage to follow the same line.

The story was published in a number of newspapers and gained popularity. Gulf News and Khaleej times published the news as well. The cabbie has been declared as a role model for all. This is not the first incident of its kind, previously another cab driver was rewarded by the Consulate General of Dubai. Mubeen ul Haq returned 100,000 Dirhams to the Sharjah police. The money amounts up to 2.7 Pakistani million rupees.

The valiant effort of the 50-year-old cab driver was acknowledged by the Gulf News and it was stated by the driver that keeping the money with himself never crossed his mind even if no one was watching him. According to Khaleej times, up to 265 taxi drivers were honored last month and were given cash prizes or valuable gifts.

These acts by Pakistanis belonging to humble and modest background in Pakistan prove that they still feel the responsibility towards their country and themselves.

The Gulf States have always attracted a large amount of Pakistanis who try to seek employment in these countries. Immigrants from all over the world head towards the Gulf States in search of new opportunities. Major chunk of the labor force in Sharjah comprise of Indians, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis. It is indeed encouraging to see that Pakistani immigrants and especially the labor force have managed to uphold the integrity of their country by such acts of honesty.