India is once again arresting Pigeons as Spies from Pakistan



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Another news, basically a propaganda, has been circulating in the Indian Media that the Indian Police has captured a Spy pigeon, apparently from the other side of the border. According to the Indian Police, a white pigeon entered the Indian territory of Punjab from Pakistan with some code words written in Urdu on its wings. The Police has been trying to decode the message, whether it’s a phone number or any other message of critical importance, the news reporting agencies claim. The security agencies have found numerical digits as well as some words written in Urdu on its wings.

Bhupinder Singh, DSP Mukerian, told about the suspected pigeon, saying:

Police found some numerical digits stamped on the bird’s wings. We are trying to ascertain if it is a mobile number and if the pigeon came from Pakistan.

The spy bird was taken into custody soon after the suspicious pigeon was spotted in the Motla village of district Hoshiarpur by one of the residents, Naresh Kumar. The pigeon is under severe scrutiny by the Indian Police, various security agencies as well the Indian Intelligence Agency, considering the matter to be of significant importance. Various inspection procedures, including an X-Ray scan, have been performed on the poor creature since it was held a prisoner by the Indian Police.

SHO Mukerian, Jaswinderpal Singh told the media about the inspections being carried out to find out the hidden message. He said:

There is a stamp and something written in Urdu on its wings. Besides, an eleven-digit number was also found on its body. We got the writing translated…Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday is written on the pigeon’s body.

It’s the Indian way of releasing frustration and this is not the first time they’ve held a pigeon detainee, claiming it to be a spy agent from Pakistan. Last year, Indian Army detained a pigeon with some Urdu words stamped on its body in the Pathankot region. The list of propaganda created by the Indian media and their Police force is a long one. Another such pigeon was captured in 2011 too, which was also talked about as a Pakistani spy. On the other hand, when a monkey had entered Pakistani land in the Bahawalpur region, from Indian territory in 2011, it was kept in the Bahawalpur Zoo and was named Bobby later on.

In all the previous cases, nothing solid was found, thereby no further development was reported. It would be interesting to see whether the Indian security agencies come up with a substantial evidence of pigeon being a Pakistani spy or will it prove to be another propaganda. Its a question the Indian authorities need to answer with some credibility and assurance.