Fake news of Indian Army’s Operation in Pakistan goes viral in India

Indian Soldier


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Indian media and news agencies have made a habit of spreading false news, and what’s more alarming is that most of the Indians believe what the media says. The news of Indian Armed Forces crossing the border to pursue an operation against militants has been circulating in India, especially on the social media. It has been termed as a daring cross-border operation by the Indian Special Forces to avenge the Uri attack. According to the news that went viral, more than 20 terrorists, as they claim, have been killed in the operation carried out by Elite 2 Para Force that crossed the border in a military helicopter. Not just this, more than 200 have been reported to be injured in the cross-border attempt to fight terrorists, as per the news.

The false news was met with serious criticism in such critical circumstances considering the fact that the two governments have not been on good terms of late. From common people to politicians in India, everyone is asking for the authenticity of the news, however, the reporting news agency has failed to come up with serious answers. Some have termed it as yet another propaganda by the Modi government, whereas others have termed it as a social media war instead of a real one, thankfully.

The reporting news agency is not ready to take back its statement, instead, they’ve declared that it really happened. This is what they have to say about the fake news story,

In light of the reactions to this article, The Quint decided to reconfirm the information from its sources. We stand by our story.

To add more misery to the already devastated reputation, Indian Army has denied the occurrence of any such event. Even, one of India’s largest news agency, the Times of India has falsified the fake report. The story was shared mostly by the BJP supporters whereas there were also those who were able to sort out the hidden propaganda by the pro-BJP news portal. People have been questioning the intent behind this fake news, but nothing solid has been told to them.

It’s hard to understand why so many people have fallen for this news, despite there being the lack of official statements from the authorities in the article. The word ‘sources’ is certainly not enough for any of us to believe it to be authentic.