Pakistani Girl to be featured in ‘45 Inspiring Stories’ by the UAE Government

Fatima Al Rayssi


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Those who stay put and keep trying, eventually get what they long for, and featuring in a globally recognized book, because of your exemplary persistence, is a great feeling for sure. UAE-born Pakistani girl, Fatima Al Rayssi has made Pakistan proud as her story is to be included in the upcoming book titled: ’45 Inspiring Stories’ which will be published by the UAE Government.

Her parents moved from Pakistan to UAE in the 1970s for better fortunes. Belonging to a poor family run by his father; a bus driver, Ms. Fatima Al Rayssi never looked back during her career as a student. Despite being poor, her parents always wanted her to get the best education, and they left no stones unturned to make sure she remained a student of quality institutes. Her family lived with their family friends to help save money for their childrens’ education.

With all the difficulties surrounding her family, Fatima never gave up and strived for her future as well as her family’s. Nothing stopped her from becoming the best student at her school, which later helped her gain a scholarship for her university’s expenses. Although she got a scholarship but it was not fully funded and she had to work for the rest of expenditures. She told about her job,

UAE education is very expensive and my elder brother was already in university, so my parents couldn’t help me, I had to find a job.

She worked all day long in order to support her studies. Working as a health insurer in Daman, Fatima also tutored kids in the evening. Not only this, she was also taking business management classes on weekends. She was married during her studies, in the second year, and had to move to Abu Dhabi. Oblivious of all the challenges, she went on and completed her degree. She graduated with flying colors; her Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) being 3.99, the highest in her class and also for any Pakistani ever.

My parents were so happy and so proud. My dad came from a very small place in Pakistan and no one in the family was educated, but the UAE has given a lot to my parents.

Her story is a truly inspiring story for all of us. It will be a part of the book ’45 Inspiring Stories’, launched under the Khalifa Student Empowerment Programme, by a government body, Aqdar. The book is a part of ‘Express Your Love for the UAE’ campaign. Considering the increasing number of expats and their achievements, the UAE government has taken this initiative to showcase their talents and achievements before the world. The book will be published in both Arabic and English.