Once Again, Internet’s Favorite Horse ‘Pakistan Star’ did something Unbelievable

Pakistan Star - Horse


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The internet sensation, Pakistan Star has done something spectacular once again, having galloped to victory in the recent horse race held in Hong Kong. Pakistan Star’s performance went viral a few months back when it romped home after a late burst. It was really a breath-taking spectacle watching the horse finish first despite being at the last spot for the most part of the race. People had hardly stopped talking about the charisma of Pakistan Star when the horse proved its mettle once again on the big stage.

Well, if you somehow managed to miss Pakistan Star’s epic debut, have a look:

It was the Sunday morning this past week when internet’s hot favorite horse left horse racing fans in awe with its late burst. It was a sensational run at the end which has made people talk again about the dramatic victory. Having started in a casual manner, exactly like his debut run in July which became viral over the internet, Pakistan Star motored past the other horses within the last hundred meters or two and reached home with ease and grace, repeating his startling debut performance. He may not be the best, but he is the most popular horse in the Hong Kong if not the entire world.

With his epic last-to-first victory, Pakistan Star has managed to send social media into frenzy once again. The social media is full of Pakistan Star’s electric performance’s tales and followers have absolutely gone crazy over the internet. This story is trending on Twitter, which speaks volumes about his popularity. There have been loads and loads of Tweets and Facebook posts and whatnot.

Tony Cruz, Pakistan Star’s trainer has been pretty happy about his horse’s performance. He said,

That first day I got him, oh man, he really didn’t want to work, but he has changed so quickly – he has really changed in his character. Before, he was shy about everything; now, he is brave. He has got guts, this guy, and he clearly has ability.

The final 400 meters were simply brilliant, it was an amazing spectacle to behold. Mathew Chadwick, the jockey, made sure that he kept the record keepers in the game, having run the last 400 meters in 21.44s; the second best for any horse in Hong Kong. Pakistan Star has laid serious claims to be one of the best late-runners in the horse racing with this Chautauqua-like performance.

The trainer, Tony Cruz spoke highly of his jockey, Mathew Chadwick, saying,

Matthew was so confident about this horse. He just left him alone and around the bend I could see he was really changing his gears; he was really coming with a bigger explosion than last time – he has that powerful turn of foot. Once he straightened to the outside I knew he was going to win and Matthew took it easy, too, he didn’t hammer him.