A Landmark achievement: Supreme Court decides a case about a “TV Remote”

Supreme Court of Pakistan


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If we make a list of the most absurd cases or petitions to have ever been filed in Supreme Court, this one will surely make top 3. On 9th September 2016, the Supreme Court witnessed the hearing of a case for a dispute over TV remote Control. The case first appeared in the Consumer Court where a lawyer Muhammad Akram Malik claimed that a local mechanic, Ehsaan Raqib damaged his TV remote Control.

According to Muhammad Akram, it was a remote control of a foreign brand and he took it to the mechanic for a repair. Since the remote was “badly damaged”, the mechanic offered the lawyer another remote control but he refused to take it as it was manufactured in China. The Islamabad High Court stipulated a verdict on the case within a deadline of 45 days but the Consumer Court failed to do so and the case was transferred to the highest court of Pakistan.

Currently, Supreme Court has about 30,404 cases pending for adjudication that includes the cases of murder, rape and theft mostly but the honourable court undertook a dispute over a TV remote control. As amusing as it may sound to all of us, the jury of the court was taken aback by the argument of the petitioner. The owner of a mobile phone company saw this case going nowhere with the foolish argument of Advocate Akram therefore, he offered to pay up for the mistake of the mechanic. He proffered Rs. 5000 to the petitioner to get it over with the case.

This is not the first time that Advocate Muhammad Akram appeared in the Supreme Court over a litigation case. Previously, he had sued a mobile phone network for issuing a sim card on his name to an anonymous person. The reason why he took the company to the Court was that the mobile company refused to hand over the information of the sim card holder although they closed the sim upon his request. Muhammad Akram asked for the information of the person who had a sim card in his name and the Court also ordered the mobile company to do the needful.

It costs about Rs. 75,306 for approaching Supreme Court to settle a litigation case and to go to that level for a mere amount of “5000 Rupees” for a “TV Remote” is a waste of time of both the parties and especially the Supreme Court. This is not the first time that the country‚Äôs apex court has seen something as preposterous as this case. There are several examples of bizarre cases filed in the court to have occupied the legal system. Remember, when JUI-S leaders demanded a ban on Bible or when Justice Bhagwandas was filed for being a Hindu. Not to forget to mention, when Abrar-ul-Haq was dragged to court for an explanation over the song “Ne Parveen to Badi Namkeen”. In a country where it takes decades for people to get justice and where prisoners wait for years to get justice, mind boggling petitions like these significantly occupy the time of the Supreme Court.