US Air Force legend acknowledges that Pakistan won in 1971 Indo-Pak war


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The Pakistan-Indo 1971 war was up again in the news after an American flyer Chuck Yeager and Indian TV Host Shekhar Gupta got into a twitter brawl on Wednesday. It was Shekhar who initiated the war of words by satirizing Chuck’s role in the 1971 war.

But General Chuck came back with an amazing reply that triggered a confrontational response from the entire Indian nation.

What happened next was enough to drag this debate for more than a week as Shekhar replied back to General Chuck.

But funnily enough, he got more than he bargained for,

The supersonic fighter was then the host to many truculent tweets from the Indian nationalists in which they again and again questioned his role in the 1971 Liberation war. He replied to these sardonic responses with this one.

Chuck Yeager is a Brigadier General who was part of the US Air Force during the World War II and the Cold war. He is also known as the first pilot in the history to have ever broken the sound barrier in 1947. He wrote his first book “The X-Planes” in 1983 followed by his autobiography “Yeager” in 1985. He was sent as an US Air Force representative to help the PAF. This is what he wrote about his visit to Pakistan in his memoir.

I stayed on in Pakistan for almost a year after the war ended, and it was one of the most enjoyable times of my life. From 1972 until we came home in March 1973, I spent most of my time flying in an F-86 Sabre with the Pakistani fighter outfits.