Pakistani Muslim has been nominated by the Obama to be a Federal Judge



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Abid Qureshi, the global director of law firm Latham and Watkins’ pro bono practice, has been nominated by the U.S. President Barack Obama to be federal judge for the District of Columbia. He is the first Muslim ever to be selected to serve the federal judiciary, as indicated by Muslim Advocates, a social rights legal advocacy group. U.S President Obama said that

I am pleased to nominate Mr. Abid Qureshi to serve on the United States District Court bench. I am confident he will serve the American people with integrity and a loyal commitment to justice.

Abid Qureshi, who is a Pakistan-born American, has been a partner at the Los Angeles based firm since 2006, leading its pro bono practice since 2012. He completed his bachelor’s degree in 1993 from Cornell University and a law degree in 1997 from Harvard Law School. He is a qualified trial lawyer who has worked as lead counsel in various trials before federal and state courts across the country. He also represented clients in national and international arbitrage courts. In addition to his commercial trail experience,

Abid Qureshi has vast experience managing internal corporate investigations, regulatory proceedings and governmental inquiries. He has managed various investigations on behalf of international organizations. He was acknowledged in the list of Washington D.C.Super Lawyers in 2014 which recognizes lawyers who are reputable in their legal practice. Abid Qureshi’s expertise includes fraud cases including abuse, healthcare and government security law. He is also proficient in taking care of interior corporate investigations, administrative inquiries and administrative procedures.

Abid Qureshi and his team also represented the Islamic Saudi Academy, a private school with the collaboration of Saudi Arabian government, prior to the National Labor Relations Board. The school is on a mission of providing education to young people of Saudi Arabia residing in the US, especially children of Government officials and Saudi diplomats.

Muslim Advocates are highly delighted by Obama’s decision to choose Abid Qureshi as the federal judge.”I praise President Obama for this important decision on picking the best and brightest from each and every community to serve as a part of federal judiciary. A judiciary that reflects the rich diversification of our country guarantees the just and fair administration of the law, and it is very important for American Muslims to be included.” stated by the official executive of Muslim Advocates Farhana Khera.

But it is still not cleared whether Abid Qureshi’s selection is confirmed, as President Obama has just a couple of months left working as a President and Senate Republicans have quit confirming any of the president’s nominations. If his nomination is confirmed, Abid Qureshi would fill the seat left by U.S. District Judge Rosemary Collyer. In any case, the nomination holds significance in the midst of the racially charged election campaign by Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. He has said that judges from the background of Muslims or Mexicans would be ineligible for the employment since he believes they would be unreasonable toward him because of his dubious comments.