Crowdfunding campaign for missing U.S mountaineers in Pakistan raises more than $190,000

Crowdfunding campaign for missing U.S mountaineers in Pakistan raises more than $190,000


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Mountain climbing also called mountaineering is the sport of climbing high peaks of mountains, mostly for the love of climb. Though mountaineering is fun but it can be dangerous if the weather goes wrong. Scott Adamson and Kyle Dempster, two American alpinists, who started their ascent on 21st August 2016 up to the north face of Ogre 2 in the Karakoram Mountains, have been missing.

Kyle and Scott started their five days climb on 21st August, Sunday morning aiming to come back within five days. Their headlamps were last seen by their Pakistani cook on Monday, approximately halfway up the peak. A storm moved in on Tuesday, and the weather condition is still bad since then. On 28th August, their family and friends started searching for them. A Pakistani military helicopter is also searching for the alpinists but the weather is hampering the efforts. According to Global Sports Marketing Manager of Black Diamond Equipment, Jonathan Thesenga,

Scott Adamson and Kyle Dempster are two of their generation’s strongest and most accomplished alpinists.

Rescuers are unable to reach the peak because of bad snowy weather conditions. An organization, Global Rescue also has its medivac aircraft and helicopters on standby. Four guides have also been sent to search the mountain by foot.

A GoFundme campaign seeking $250,000 to rescue the two American climbers from the mountains has raised more than 190,000$ in last 3 days. The fundraising page says:

We need your help getting Scott and Kyle off of a mountain in Pakistan. Please help these boys. Kyle and Scott’s rescue insurance will only cover a fraction (under $10,000) of the rapidly-escalating costs. We have already paid significant deposits for the helicopter and for porters to search on foot for Scott and Kyle. Please consider the urgency of this situation and how thankful we are for your help.

Thesenga also said that

They have built their careers on cutting-edge alpine ascents from Pakistan to Alaska. We remain optimistic that they are going to get out of the mountains and have this amazing story of survival to share.

Baintha Brakk or Ogre is a steep rocky mountain about 7,285 meters high, just off the Choktoi Glacier in the Karakoram mountain range. It is in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan and is considered to be one of the hardest peaks for mountaineering. The first attempt of climbing the Ogre was done in 1977 by British legendary climber, Doug Scott. He broke both of his legs on the descent.

If you want to help finding the missing mountaineers, donate at GoFundMe