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Being a child, life is great. Cycling with friends, fighting on a chips packet, eating, playing and sleeping that’s all children do. Children have a carefree fun life, with no tension of job or bills to pay. Childhood is the happiest part of every individual life. Until it’s really late at night and your father isn’t home. He is not at home with you because he’s keeping everyone safe. Ever imagined the life of an army officer daughter, keeping behind the perks they have in life? Here you can read the heartbreaking story of Aayza Aamir, the daughter of a Pakistan Army officer.

Being a child of a father in the armed forces has never really been quite as easy as you might think. We the so called Air Force/ Army/ Navy “brats” frequently get comments like “you’re such divas, proud of your status” “You guys get everything you desire” “You lot get to strut away from any kind of trouble” “You’re the most favored ones and your lives are always being protected- living in well-guarded housing schemes” etc
Let me get this straight for once, such comments infuriate me. Proud of my status? A diva ? You think it’s fine for you to pull off such hateful and hurtful comments? I hate to feel superior! Why would you make me feel something I can’t even think of being?

I along with many others hasn’t had a proper childhood like you guys. I get emotional listening to your stories describing the kinds of memories you made at a place where you grew up. But, we are like immigrants in our own country. We don’t get to live anywhere for more than just a couple years- more than two is a pleasant surprise for us! Shifting isn’t easy guys. In 17 years of my life, I’ve lived in 15 different houses. My mother had to pack and unpack while she was expecting me, while my father would have work AND would have to deal with the movers and packers.

I get teary when my teachers explain to me how friends are important as well and best friends are those with whom you grow up with or have known for a long time, but the clichéd quote that says ” it’s sad how people you were once so close with can become strangers” isn’t so cliché for us after all but very true.

We may be living in well-guarded housing schemes- feeling safe, but it’s not always safe. Seeing your fathers leaving the house not only at day times but at midnight fully armed is chilling. When you hear the sounds of fighter jets taking off from nearby is chilling. I’d pray that father returns home safely, I’d hear mother pray and recite verses and then I’d fall asleep as the sound would disappear.

What brought you joy in your childhood would be frolicking in the meadows with your friends, but what brought me joy would be when I’d hear my father enter the house gently and I’d run as fast as I could towards him to finally feel his perfumed, stiff, green coverall next to my cheek.

It’s not all how you think it is, people. Living as a child, wife, parent of a soldier isn’t ALL easy. It can be distressing TOO. We have to take precautions TOO. We SOMETIMES wish to have lived like you have TOO. But ..proud of our status? Nope, MORE PROUD OF OUR DAD’S who signed up to serve and protect your country.

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Aayza Aamir is very proud of being an Army officer daughter and she doesn’t deny it. But let’s face the reality she goes through. Walk a mile in their shoes, see what they see, hear what they hear and feel what they feel. In the end, We all Pakistanis are proud of our Army/Police/Navy/Air force officers and are also grateful to their families who face hardships. We love, respect and pray your brothers, husbands, and fathers who risk their lives for us.