Thousands sign a petition to stop the transfer of Pakistani shopkeeper in Ireland

Centra, Dublin


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Residents of Dublin’s north inner city were heartbroken when their Pakistani manager of centra Muhammad Sajjad who was working for more than a decade in their area was transferred to another branch. The residents of the area decided to take a stand for him back and around 1,000 people signed a petition to stop his transfer. It is normal for any centra employee to be transferred from one branch to another at any time but the community just didn’t let him go. Muhammad Sajjad hopes to return to the East Wall centra in the next two weeks, as soon as a substitute is available for him in the other store.

Shopkeeper Muhammad Sajjad
Shopkeeper Muhammad Sajjad

The petition was made by a long-time resident of the area Sharon Osbourne. She expressed that Muhammad Sajjad is a great asset to our community. He loves helping people around. If anyone’s looking for something and they can’t get it, Muhammad Sajjad will go and get it for them. He was a loving and a selfless person. Sharon with the help of her other friends took the petition door-to-door for over two days and collected almost thousands signatures. The local community center also got on board and paid tribute to Muhammad Sajjad’s hard work and acknowledged his friendly nature by sending a letter to centra’s management.

Muhammad Sajjad with members of the local community
Muhammad Sajjad with members of the local community

Paul Graham the community manager also praised Sajjad for selflessly helping other community people for over the past few years which was above his call of duty. Everyone in the community wanted to make his supervisors aware of the amazing work he does for the community people. Sharon Osbourne presented the signed petition to centra management and was excited to be told earlier this week that soon Muhammad Sajjad is heading back to the East Wall branch. 34 years old Muhammad Sajjad who moved to Ireland in 2004 from Pakistan, confessed that he was overwhelmed at the heartfelt gesture by his lovely customers. This community is just like a family to me he expressed. Muhammad was thankful for the love the community people showed. He was very surprised and happy when he heard about the petition. He wasn’t an Irish but the community doesn’t see him for his religion or his country but loved him so much that they made him come back. He Said,

I’m happy to go back to the beautiful community in East Wall. I always do my job with love and same everywhere else wherever I go.

When it comes to tolerating other religion and country people, a little can go a long way. Sometimes we don’t give the little gestures the credit they deserve. These small love gestures that people notice are often forgotten or never even practiced. It’s great to see Muhammad got so much love from his Irish community and his friends even in the era when the world is in a state of war and Muslims around the world are suffering from hatred and inequality. There is a need to highlight that we can live happily in this world loving each other without differentiating them on the basis of their religion or nationality.