370 Kg Cocaine worth of 55 Million Euros found at a Coca Cola Factory

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Workers of coca cola factory found themselves in a really tricky position after they received a shipment of the wrong type of “Coke”. This incident happened last Friday in a Coca Cola factory near the Mediterranean coast, when a shipment containing juice concentrates was received from Costa Rica. Only that it didn’t just contain Juice but also cocaine worth of 55 Million Euros. The factory employees immediately contacted the local authorities and got themselves cleared right away but the investigation is still in process.

The factory where this incident took place is located in a small town known as Signes in France. This place is used for producing concentrates for various Beverages. The substance was found in plastic bags hidden under the juices. According to a factory official, this was indeed a “very unpleasant surprise”. It is reportedly said that the cocaine concealed in the container weighed about 370 kilograms and had a street value of 55 million Euros (66 million Dollars).

Factory spokesperson explained the entire situation and said,

When opened, the factory staff discovered that there were bags containing cocaine concealed inside. The workers immediately contacted the police, who came to seize the goods

Jean Denis Malgras, the president of local site has made it clear that there is no employee involvement in this case of drug trafficking.

The first elements of the investigation have shown that employees are in no way involved. A case has been registered under illicit trafficking and exporting of drugs and is under investigation. The employees though cleared at the site are still in the circle of doubt for further investigation. This is the biggest case of its kind in France. Another such event in April 2015 when two men were caught trying to deliver 250 Kilograms of substance to UK in a yacht.

Coca leaves and Coca-Cola have previously been associated together a lot of times. The soft drink’s formula was created by a US pharmacist John Pemberton in 1886. It become very popular in Southern United States but soon rumors about Coke containing Coca leaf extract spread quickly. This made the Coca-Cola management modify their marketing strategy and present Coke as a soft drink rather than highlighting its medicinal benefits. Even though Coca cola’s formula has never been entirely revealed, it was believed that Extracts from Coca leaves were their secret Ingredient. Mark Pendergrast in his book “For God, Country and Coca-Cola” made some serious revelations about the company. This is what he replied with when asked if Coca-Cola ever contained any traces of Cocaine.

Every time I go to the World of Coca-Cola museum in Atlanta, I ask the guides if Coca-Cola ever contained cocaine. They assure me that it did not. The official company line seems to be that Coca-Cola never contained added cocaine — i.e., they didn’t add white powdered cocaine, which is true. But it did contain fluid extract of coca leaf, which contains cocaine. For years, the company line has also been that the name “Coca-Cola” is just a “euphonious combination of words” — i.e., it sounds nice. True, but the drink was also named for its two principal drug sources. (Coca leaf from Peru contained cocaine. Kola nut from Ghana contained caffeine)