Pakistani teenage billionaire having gold-plated car fined in London

Pakistani teenage billionaire having gold-plated car fined in London


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In Pakistan, if a car gets impounded by the Police for breaking the traffic rules, the owner’s life gets troublesome till he doesn’t get it back. Whereas, in United Kingdom (UK) a Pakistani teenage billionaire whose £100,000 supercar got seized said losing the car was not a problem for him as he has a fleet of cars worth over a million.

Hamza Sheikh, a 19-year-old boy who was driving his gold plated supercar got stopped by police while driving through Kingston, London. He was driving Maserati GranCabrio with L-plates. Officers forced him to hand over the keys and impounded the car for 2 days after checking that it was not insured. He has been charged with £300 fine and six points on his license.

The Pakistani origin Hamza told the Evening Standard,

I have a Rolls-Royce and a Range Rover. I am just waiting for my new gold Lamborghini to be delivered in the meantime. Since I was young I have been learning to drive in supercars — I’ve also learnt in a Porsche Panamera, so a Maserati is a piece of cake.

Police said that the officers stopped him because they thought the car is very expensive to be driven by a learner. The car was also not insured and the police shows zero intolerance for uninsured drivers. Officer Sebastian Ellis also tweeted the photo of the vehicle being taken away.

Hamza is a Business management student of Regent University, London and also runs a property business. He said that he has a very busy lifestyle. His car was not insured because he missed an important letter from the insurance company. He further said that my security personnel had already informed me that the police was watching my car since an hour. Though I was still driving my Rolls Royce with my security, I am very happy that I have got my Mesarti back now.

Mr. Sheikh said,

I am the golden child of my family, that’s why my car is gold. I was just coming from completing my theory test when I was stopped. I am a billionaire and when learning to drive in my Maserati I get a lot of jealousy, but if I have the money why not? Everything I have is because of my mother’s prayers and Allah.

Jealousy is a mental cancer, please get treated.

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