Shah Rukh Khan’s fan in trouble after making Peshawari Chappals for superstar

Shah Rukh Khan


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Shah Rukh Khan aka The King of Bollywood has a huge fan following here in Pakistan and across the world. It comes as no surprise when Shah Rukh Khan’s fans come up publicly displaying their love and affection for the Bollywood actor in some of the unexpected gestures. One such fan is Jehangir Muhammad Safi who is a shoe maker by profession. Recently, he ran into trouble when fandom for Shah Rukh Khan put him in a difficult situation. As per the news reports, Jehangir Muhammad Safi from Peshawar has designed a Peshawari chappals exclusively made out of deer skin for his favorite super star, Shah Rukh Khan.

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While interacting with the media, the excited fan, Jehangir Muhammad Safi said he will be sending Peshawari chappals made of deer skin to the Bollywood actor on his special request through Noor Jehan, a Shah Rukh Khan’s cousin living in Peshawar. Wildlife department raided his shop while he was handing over the Peshawari chappal to Noor Jehan. Since the killing of deer is prohibited in Pakistan, as soon as his statement came into the limelight, the Pakistani wildlife officials arrested Jehangir Muhammad Safi and later on released him. On the other hand, the wildlife officials claimed that they had received information that the very famous Namak Mandi’s Jehangir Mohammad Safi shoe maker was using the hides of endangered deer. The wildlife official further said that it was not the first time Jehangir Mohammad Safi has violated the wildlife act. He was previously warned for using leopard skin while making a chappal for Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif but he repeated the crime, this time, using deer skin.

The wildlife officials also took the shoes and the deer skin with them for the examination. A wildlife official in Peshawar confirmed that the examination is being conduct to check if the Peshawari chappals were made of deer skin or he had used any other animal hide. They also added that the shoemaker Jehangir Khan will subsequently be fined Rs. 10 thousand to Rs.1 million under the KPK Wildlife Act based on the findings and prosecution under wildlife laws if charges against him are proved.

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This is not the first time his cousin Noor Jehan is giving locally designed footwear to Shah Rukh Khan; she has also gifted him a pair of shoes in 1997.The shoe maker Jehangir Khan is famous for designing a very special Peshawari chappal for Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif that was made out of leopard’s skin. Leopard and deer has been declared critically endangered species by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and also included in the red list of International Union for Conservation of Nature as its population is declining fast in the world.

It is important to mention here that the special Peshawari chappal has been in trend since years but when another famous shoe maker Nooruddin Shinwari gifted a pair to Kaaptan, special chappals designed for Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan on his second marriage, it became a fashion statement!