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15 best hikes in Pakistan to experience the nature

Hiking and Hikes in Pakistan


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Pakistan is the land of beauty and one of the few countries in the world, which is blessed with countless and extraordinary places of natural beauty. The elevated snow-capped mountains in Pakistan with the green and serene plains surrounding them never cease to take your breath away. The Northern area of Pakistan is surrounded by the tremendous and awe-inspiring Himalayan, Hindukush and Karakoram mountainous ranges which are a great attraction for the travelers, mountaineers, and trekkers from around the world. Pakistan is also home to several world heritage sites as well as ancient castles and forts beside the crisscrossed rivers flowing through the land that gives the scenes a picturesque touch.

Below we list the top 15 places for the best hikes in Pakistan, where you can trek off to if you want to experience nature at its best!

1. Fairy Meadow – Nanga Parbat

Trekking to the fairy meadows in the Nanga Parbat region is sure to prove to be a once in a lifetime adventure. This one of its kind hikes in Pakistan combines the best of Karakoram and Himalayan ranges and is known to feature sublime scenery and natural wonders that will leave you awe-struck. Here you will have the opportunity to view the mighty peaks of Nanga Parbat, K2 and Broad peak, and all this without having to actually climb the peaks. The terrain is reasonable to hike through, however, the height might be the biggest hurdle. Fairy Meadow is definitely the beauty scenic spot.

Fairy Meadow - Nanga Parbat

2. Naltar-Ishkoman Pass Trek

In Gilgit region you can go for a Nalter-Ishkomen hike. The Naltar Valley is lush green meadows, with pine and juniper trees. This undiscovered land offers various activities such as hiking, skiing and horse-riding. You can wind your way through the thickly forested treks to reach the Nalter valley and further to the Nalter lake. In case you decide to go further than the lake, you can also hike forward to get a view of Shani Peak (at about 5887m high). The Nalter-Ishkomen hike will leave you awe-struck with the splendor that surrounds the region and will leave you with the memories of a great experience.

Naltar Ishkoman Pass Trek

3. Rama Lake, Astore

Rama lake near Astore is considered as one of the most convenient base camp for hikers and mountaineers who also intend to conquer the mighty Nanga Parbat. The environment around Rama Lake is exquisite, filled with the smell of thick pine, deodar cedar juniper and fir trees. The plains are delightful, green and serene.

Rama Lake, Astore

4. Tirich Mir Base Camp

In Chitral, in the heart of the Hindukush region, Tirich Mir Base Camp is likewise one of the places to where you can hike to take in the natural beauty of Pakistan. Tirich Mir (7706m) is the highest peak in the Hindu Kush mountain range. The trails to hike on are exciting, surrounded by natural beauty. The area is unpolluted and unharmed because of lack of human contact with the nature in the area, as it is rarely visited by tourists. Although the region comprises of glaciers, fresh water springs and picturesque views, it is said that during the hike you will pass through a landscape which is entirely different from, when compared to the Himalaya and Karakorum ranges in the North.

Tirich Mir Basecamp

5. Kalasha Valley

Anther hike you can take in the Chitral region is the trek to Kalasha Valley. The Kalash/Kalasha are a group of ethnic tribesmen who occupy and thrive in the Hindu Kush region. The people of Kalash live in three isolated valleys named as Bumboret, Rumbur and Birir. A hike through the Chitral region to the valley of Kalash will be more than a hiking, camping trip. The people of Kalash are known for their unique religion and culture and festivals, therefore attracts hundreds of tourists every year. Kalash valley hike is said to prove to be one of the best hikes in Pakistan.

Kalasha Valley

6. Batura Glacier, Hunza-Passu

In the regions of Hunza and Nagar, there is a 60 km long Batura glacier which is nestled between one of the most beautiful mountains in the world. The trek is almost like an easy stroll, along with a flower filled valley and also includes crossing a glacier. However, while you hike your way through the paths, you will have the opportunity to view the splendid views of Ultar (7388m), Passu Peak (7478m), Karon Koh (7200m), along with the Batura group.

Batura Glacier, Hunza-Passu

7. Himshal Mingling Sar

Himshal Minglig Sar (6050m) is found in the Shimshal valley, in Hunza region. It neighbors the Chinese Southernmost mountain range of Kun Lun. Shimshal lake is near the Shimshal pass and sits at the base of the mountain. As you hike through this particular route you will come across glaciers, crystal lakes and valleys which will leave you stunned. Hence, this is another one of the bst hikes in Pakistan.

Himshal Mingling Sar

8. Rush Lake, Nagar

The Nagar-Rush lake (5200) is in the heart of the Hunza Valley and is one of the highest alpine lakes in Pakistan. It is recommended to all those traveling and trekking for the first time and intend to experience the best hikes of Pakistan. During the hike you will see glaciers, cross high meadows and irrigated terraced fields, and once you reach the lake, you will also get a good view of the mighty Karakoram mountains from the Nagar-Rush lake.

Rush Lake, Nagar

9. Rakaposhi Trek, Nagar

The Rakaposhi base camp trek also known as Minapin trek is the best and short trek in Nagar valley which starts from Minapin. It presents its visitors with a spectacular outlook of Rakaposhi and Diran with adjoining glaciers from Tagafari. The campsite is a fantastic site which used to be a polo ground, with sparkling running water now also serves as a summer pasture for the villagers. This particular track further leads to Diran base camp with the backdrop of Rakaposhi and will serve to be an en-thralling hikes in Pakistan, for the beginners especially.

Rakaposhi Trek, Nagar

10. Spantik Peak Base Camp Trek

The Spantik peak is also known as the Golden peak for its golden wall which faces the Hunza-Nagar from the South. Spantik is one of the most attainable and hike worthy peak (7000m) in the Karakoram region, in Pakistan. On your way to the hike up the Spantik peak base camp you will pass through beautiful and scenic mountains. The climb proves to be straightforward, the weather conditions are usually clear.

Spantik Peak Base Camp

11. Baltoro–Concordia / K2 Base Camp Trek

This particular site leads to one of the most magnificent hikes in Pakistan, as well as the world. It goes up to the vast Baltoro glacier, which then cuts through the concentration of mountains of Karakorum and up to Concordia and is at the crossroads with K2, hence the name Concordia/K2 BC. The route to hike on is strenuous and definitely not for beginners, only those who are fit, in good shape and an expert in hiking, mountaineering etc. can take a hike up this route.

Baltoro K2 Base Camp Trek

12. K2 Base Camp Gandagoro Trek

A hike up to the K2 base camp Gandagoro is considered the most spectacular hikes in Pakistan. Here the mountains are not only high but are also jagged and sheer. The hike proves to be strenuous across the rushy icy torrents, and the broken rocks. Yet, the hike proves to be undoubtedly rewarding.

K2 Base Camp Gandagoro

13. Burji La, Deosai

Burji La (Burji Pass, 4816m) is basically a natural pass in the moutains between Skardu and Deosai national park, which is located in Skardu Baltistan, Pakistan. This particular site is famous for the panoramic views that it presents its tourists with and is worth a place to hike in Pakistan. The mountain peaks that you can view from Deoasi-Burji La includes that of K2, Nanga Parbat, Chogolisa, Masherbrum, Golden peak, Laila peak, Gasherbrum, and only a part of Broad Peak mountain too.

Burji La, Deoasi

14. Snow Lake Trek, Biafo

Biafo glacier is listed amongst one of the longest glaciers in the world, thus will serve as one of its kind hike in Pakistan. A hiking trip from Baltistan to Hunza valley on this glacier proves to be the longest traverse in the world. The trek route is rarely visited by hikers, which is why it is less polluted and more interesting to hike through.

Snow Lake Trek, Biafo

15. Usho Valley & Mohandad lake

The Ushu valley comprises some of the most splendid parts of Swat. It offers awe-inspiring views of snow covered mountains such as the mount Flaksair (6257m). The Mohandad lake is located in the upper part of Usho valley and lies at the foothills of Hindukush mountains. It is surrounded by meadows and dense forests. The site of Ushu valley and Mohandad lake is one of its kind and is definitely one of the best hikes in Pakistan if you want to see the wonders of mother nature.

Mohandad lake