Indian Actor-Politician ‘Ramya’ under fire for supporting Pakistan

Indian Actor-Politician Ramya


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Indian Actress turned Politician Ramya has received some serious hammering by the hands of Indian Activists after her statement regarding Pakistan went viral. A sedition case has also been registered against her by a lawyer in Kodagu Karnataka. This was the statement she made after her visit to Pakistan,

Pak is a good country, not hell. Manohar Parrikar’s comment not true

Divya Spandana, known as her stage name ‘Ramya’ is a south Indian actor, lawyer and now a politician. She visited Pakistan as part of the SAARC delegation of young lawmakers. On her return, she was asked by the media to give her opinion on Manohar Parikar’s Comment in which he called Pakistan a Hell. She made the above statement in response to that question and since then has become a target of public outrage.

Ramya also saw her at the receiving end of this controversy due to the comments made by BJP leaders and other party members. BJP President Prahlad Joshi mocked her statement and said,

The Congress party has been supporting anti-nationals for many years. They supported Yakub Memon and Afzal Guru, too. Ramya can go to Pakistan with her beloved leaders Rahul Gandhi and Digvijaya Singh.

She has also faced a lot of social media backlash at her comments with many so-called “Indian Patriots” calling her a traitor and asking her to leave the country.

There have also been many counter-protests on the allegations made against Ramya. Congress Leaders have also weighed in the favor of Ramya by backing her statement. Fingers have been pointed at BJP for criticizing Ramya for her statement. Media and other party leaders have raised questions on whether Narender Modi should have also be booked for praising Pakistan for its Hospitality earlier this year if the same yardstick is to be used for measuring sedition.

When asked about this controversy and how the sedition charges affected her, Ramya responded with,

What these self-appointed ‘nationalists’ want is to drum up hysteria and ensure that we never find solutions to longstanding problems. Theirs is a patriotism that begins and ends at making noise on the street — after all, it is easy to gather a horde of bullies and demonstrate

Ramya also refused to apologize for her comment, insisting that she stands by it and means every word of it.

This controversy has been all over Indian as well as international news channels. It is trending on social media and under discussion on almost every discussion forum. One statement “Pakistan is not Hell”, one sentence is what it takes to ignite a situation of turmoil. Ramya’s one statement made her an Anti Indian. She was bombarded with words of animosity and comments questioning her loyalty. Entire India was caught in a dilemma whether or whether not mentioning Pakistan makes you a traitor.

Pakistan and India have seen many such intolerant events since partition. Intolerance and parochialism are the reasons why we remain behind the developed countries. We just don’t want to hear good things about each other and have to have a dig at one another every now and then. Peace is out of the question for us because let’s face it, our patriotism is only awakened by the sound of love and respect for each other. Words of amity and harmony basically call for terms like Back-stabber and traitor.