Why Young Pakistanis Are Giving Up on Politicians

Young Pakistanis giving up on Pakistani Politicians


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The very idea behind the formation of Pakistan was to formulate a Country, which ensures a system of justice and equal opportunities for every citizen to progress. Jinnah’s vision of Pakistan was to establish a form of government that works towards the betterment of people without the slightest hint of any discrimination and to give a proper platform to youth, to utilize their capabilities. Quaid e Azam had a tremendous belief in youth, and he engaged students on many occasions and installed the sense of entitlement and responsibility in them.

Speaking to the Punjab Muslim Student Federation at Lahore on October 31, 1947, he said:

Pakistan is proud of her youth, particularly the students who have always been in the forefront in the hour of trial and need. You are the nation’s leaders of tomorrow and you must fully equip yourself by discipline, education and training for the arduous task lying ahead of you. You should realize the magnitude of your responsibility and be ready to bear it.

Sadly, the sudden death of Jinnah in September 1948 left a massive void, which still echoes in the chord of history. It was the fatal blow for a Country and set the path for unfortunate calamity. Quaid’s fall, followed by leadership crisis in Pakistan, as none of any other politician, was capable of filling his shoes and since then Pakistan has failed to achieve meaningful stability. Visionary and dedicated leadership is the prerequisite ingredient for development, but that is hardly the case when it comes to Pakistan. Today’s Pakistan is not even a mere glimpse Jinnah’s Pakistan and the discontent of the youth with the political leadership of the Country is ever so visible.

The youth of the Country is highly talented but has been left at the mercy of uneven present and uncertain future with the little hope of optimism. Youth has a crucial role to play in the development of any Country and it is the main job of the Government to provide them with the proper infrastructure in which they can excel and prosper. But the ground realities suggest otherwise, according to the latest survey report of The Institute for Policy Reforms (IPR) the unemployment rate in 2016 Pakistan reached its peak as compared to last 13 years. The report further added that the energy crisis and the uncertain conditions have added to increase the unemployment rate in Pakistan. While as per the recent report issued by the Planning, Development and Reforms ministry of Pakistan more than 60 million people are living under the poverty line.

The unwillingness and the grave negligence of the current Government show that they are less concerned about the real issues of common people. 68 years since independence, the Country is moving backward, and things are only getting worse. The alleged involvement of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and his family in the Panama corruption scandal has raised the serious question mark over the legitimacy of the current Government. The only viable solution to prevailing situation was that Nawaz Sharif should have stepped down, so judiciary can form an independent judicial commission to probe into the matter, however, Prime Minister’s reluctance to resign has created a deadlock.

Under the current scenario, Pakistan is heading toward yet another confrontation and opposition parties have failed to reach a consensus to lay out a collective strategy against the Government. On the other hand Imran Khan, who is the most popular leader among the youth so far has failed to live up to the expectations. Having already seen his dharna tactics backfired in 2014 over rigging in the general election, the Chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf has hinted the same sort of action against Nawaz’s Government, after launching an accountability movement against Government on Sunday, 7th August.

PTI’s accountability movement is likely to meet the same fate as their previous miss-adventure, as they alone can’t force the government to go into the packing without the committed support of PPP. The main cause of dharna failure was the PPP’s decision to stand with PMLN government and ignoring Imran Khan’s call to protest.

PPP, who are in the Government in Sindh, are dealing with their own problem in the making due to their ongoing confrontation with the Rangers in Karachi.

Karachi, which boasts almost 50% revenue of Pakistan, is dealing with a major law and order issues for the best part of the last decade. The Rangers were given special powers to bring peace in the City, a move that has been proved fruitful thus far. With the timely intervention of Rangers, things were heading in the right direction, a wise move would be a to extend their stay in the Karachi to achieve the long-term peace, however, PPP’s administration are creating unnecessary problems for the Rangers and wants to limit their powers, and in the process provincial Government is putting the whole operation in jeopardy.

Pakistan has been blessed with an enormous wealth of national resources and if those are utilized in the proper manner, the Country has to no longer rely on foreign aid. But People of Pakistan cannot repeat the same mistakes over and over again by giving the power to stalemate leadership and expect for a better outcome. The youth has to step forward and hold accountable the corrupt ruling elite by fighting for their democratic rights.