Two sisters from Multan aim to disrupt the fashion industry

Purple Impression


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Purple Impression, a fashion label launched by two sisters Afshan and Drakshan Khan aims to disrupt the fashion industry by going against the idea of ‘fast-fashion’ that the general public demands. Embracing the dying art and lifting people out of poverty, the sisters hire women with fair wages who embroider their designs from home. They have launched designs that are comfortable, modest and versatile. The clothes are made with all body types and sizes kept in mind. These designs are ideal for working ladies and especially working moms who do not want to worry about a wardrobe change as these clothes are comfortable and trendy at the same time.

Fast-Fashion has a negative impact on the workers which result in the loss of craft and traditional art. They took the matters in their own hands and started their business from their hometown in Multan which is a hub for handmade embroidery, they wanted to preserve this dying art and bring back the real ethnic fashion to the world.

Purple Impression

They are focused on creating an individuality for every piece and every piece of clothing has its own identity. They want their customers to feel that there is a story behind each and every piece and build a connection with it, experience the journey it took and be able to relate to a different part of the world. They have worked with expert designers from Dubai and San Francisco who has 20 years of experience in the industry so that they can bring you the best fit for style and comfort. Every piece is created with its own story behind it so that the person who wears it can actually relate to the story behind it. They have built a space that promotes diversity and brings people together through art.

Purple Impression

Their latest collection is inspired by Islamic Architecture, elements have been taken from the Cordoba Mosque in Spain and have been hand embroidered on the pieces. Each piece is unique, spreading values and ideas and has a story of its own. All their clothes are Eco-friendly and they use recycled fabric as much as possible, they insist on hand-cutting their designs to avoid wasting fabric. As well as they pack their clothing in recycled materials, so this can be a natural habitat for humans as well as earthly creatures. They are working directly with textile makers so that they can provide them with fabric that is natural and brushed as opposed to the synthetic fabric that is not at all long lasting or nature friendly. The whole point of launching this line is to provide customers with sustainable and ethnic fashion.

Purple Impression

The design process of Purple Impression has two key elements, comfort and style. Keeping these 2 elements in mind the Khan sisters have made sure that the pieces are comfortable, using fabric that is natural and breathable and looks flattering at the same time. A great investment for working moms and women who want to stay comfortable and look glamorous all day. The designs are hand cut by their master tailors and all their pieces are made in small batches that are individually cut. They are very much against the idea of mass production as it compromises beauty of the craft.

Master Waheed is an expert in the art of transferring embroidery design on to fabric. He free hands our designs on to carbon paper and uses traditional prick and pounce method of transferring pattern in order to capture the most intricate details.

Their hand embroidery is done by women artisans that cannot be replicated, they use their creativity in terms of designs and embroidery techniques. The artisans do the embroidery from home and it takes then 2-3 days to complete the designs. They call this ‘the magic stage’.

Purple Impression

The main objective of Purple Impression is to provide an opportunity for people who are producing for them to maintain a livelihood. With dignified work and respecting them for their work they can save the traditional dying art and can make a bigger impact on people’s lives who are suffering from poverty. The artisans women are paid above the market rate and all the material is provided to them in advance so they can work from home in their own comfortable environment. Whereas the sisters have worked very hard to train these women artisans and bring their styles up to the standards of the modern buyer.

This whole fashion business gives fair employment to artisans women who can create impeccable hand embroidered pieces as these women do not get the chance of showcasing their work, Purple Impression gives them a chance of employment where they can work from home and an opportunity to showcase their work. This way they are preserving art and employing people who can make this art and can showcase their work.