Abdul Basit loses his battle to cancer after teaching us how to live

Abdul Basit - Cancer Patient


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When the going gets tough, the tough gets going! This proverb worked as the driving force in Abdul Basit’s cancer affected life. Abdul Basit, a cancer patient has lost his life to this terrible disease recently. He belonged to Mirpur, Azad Kashmir. He was a student in the Mirpur University of Science and technology.

He was diagnosed with blood cancer a few years ago but was healed in Shifa international hospital. Unfortunately, cancer came back and got the better of him this time.

Millions of people are diagnosed with cancer every year and every patient has a struggle to share, stories of hope and valor to tell and a smile that is just contagious. Abdul Basit was one those patients who did not let the word cancer become his death sentence. Interestingly, his Facebook profile will hardly give you the idea of him suffering from a soul drenching disease.

He fought the battle twice, won the battle twice. Cancer knocked on his door once again but he was still up for it. Woefully he lost it this time. However, he left us with some inspirational words that will make us rethink about the purpose of our lives.

The word cancer brings fear and trepidation with it. Whenever we hear about this fatal illness, the only thing that hits our mind is ‘Death’. But some people look it from a different perspective. You see, asking someone not to lose hope and hang on to life is easy but to actually go through this dreadful experience and fight until your last breath can be quite exhausting. Leading a normal life is totally out of the question.

Abdul Basit - Cancer Patient

But God do people love to give death more than it bargained for. They just don’t know how to give up. They stand in the face of death and fight it every day.