Pakistani-American boy forced by the school to confess allegiance to ISIS

East Islip Middle School (Photo by Victor Alcorn)


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Hate crimes against Muslims in America spiked hundreds of reported incidents since the terrorist attack in 2001. These incidents shows no sign of decreasing as the latest data revealed that Muslims are still being targeted, with over hundreds of hate crimes directed against Muslims every year. Considering the fact that hate crimes are generally not reported or incorrectly propagate by police, so those numbers are actually much higher in reality.

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Earlier this year, A Pakistani-American seventh grader was accused by his school officials of being a terrorist and having a close relationship with ISIS. Now his family is filing a lawsuit against the East Islip Union Free School District for 25 million dollars, claiming their 12-year-old child was provoked by his schoolmates as a terrorist and after that forced by school officials to admit he was an ISIS terrorist who was planning to blow up the school.

The lawsuit, which was registered in Brooklyn Federal Court, claims that 12-year-old Pakistani American Nashwan Uppal, a severth grader, was sitting in the cafeteria of the East Islip Middle School on January 6 when other kids began asking him when he was going to blow up next.

Nashwan Uppal, who is severely suffering from learning and social disabilities moved to another table as other adult students in the cafeteria did nothing, as indicated by the lawsuit, however the harassers followed him and continued with their Islamophobic insults. Because of his learning inability, he thought the word terrorist means tourist, the accusation states.

What’s more, the torture didn’t stop there, the lawsuit says. The following day, Nashwan Uppal was pulled away from gym class by John Dolan, Principal Mark Bernard and his Assistant Principal Jason Stanton, and cross examined him if he has any allegiance with ISIS. His Assistant Principal Stanton over and over inquired as to whether he was a terrorist, and if he has ever made bombs in his home.

Later on, Nashwan Uppal’s locker and bag pack was searched, and the assistant principal allegedly demanded to compose a confession expressing that he is a part of ISIS who knows how to make bombs and was planning to blow up the school, according to the accusation. Nashwan Uppal was also allegedly questioned by the local police while his mom, Nubaisha Amar was held up outside the school.

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School authorities eventually let him call his mom, Nubaisha Amar, who was told that her son had confessed the allegiance to ISIS and was planning to explode the school. Police brought Nubaisha and Nashwan back to their home after searching the entire house and concluding he was no threat. Yet Nashwan Uppal was suspended for a week for “criminal action.”

Nashwan’s Attorney David Antwork says that he was emotionally scarred. The defendants violates Nashwan’s civil rights and humiliated him by forcing him to admit to crimes which he did not even committed while overlooking the fact that he was incessantly bullied and had known learning and social disabilities.

This article originally appeared on New York Post.