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When it comes to grab some quick food in Downtown and you are looking for the food that has to be cheap, reasonable and delicious too then Shah Jee’s is the place to your perfectly cooked, hot and delicious authentic Pakistani food and that too in a reasonable price.

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Shah Jee’s is the name known for a decade now. It is known not only for its amazing food but also for its friendly environment and easy on pocket dishes. The amazing chefs/owners behind this great eatery are brother-sister duo Khizer and Sadaf Javed who are doing an awesome job catering people in Milwaukee. They have taken their mother’s secret recipes and spoiling the taste buds of their customers. Shah Jee’s is secretly located in a hard-to-find food court at 770 N., Jefferson Street, a location where other food chains have failed but Shah Jee’s is booming all the way. In fact, people consider it to be one of the “best-kept secrets” in Downtown. Long queues are norm during the noon every day. They are only open for the lunch for time being, they serve from 11 AM till 2 PM.

Shah Jee's

Shah Jee’s environment makes you recall the memories of your school cafeteria; people line up for meals served hot on paper plates, having food under bright lights and eating with plastic utensils. But Shah Jee’s, serves food that is tasty enough to overcome any flaw in the environment of the restaurant. The prices start from $7 for two curry items served with basmati rice or roti as per your choice and a soft drink which is easy on the pocket and keeps their customers happy.

Shah Jee's
Shah Jee’s

Shah Jee’s signature dish is chicken masala i.e boneless cubes of chicken cooked in red gravy. The mixture of onions, tomatoes, garlic and other desi spices make it more flavorful and spicy; but not in a way that will make you lunge for a drink. The awesome flavors will tickle your taste buds, and will make you come back to have their food again.

Chicken Masala by Shah Jee's
Chicken Masala by Shah Jee’s

Besides chicken masala and chana masala, there are a variety of other popular choices that include aalu palak, which is potatoes and spinach cooked with special herbs and spices and saag paneer, which is cubes of cottage cheese cooked in perfectly chopped spinach with fresh Pakistani herbs. Daal masoor, which is another hit choice that features red lentils flavored with garlic, red chilies and other herbs and spices. The serving of hot fluffy basmati rice complements the spices of the main dishes.

Shah Jee's - Downtown - Milwaukee - United States

The restaurant does not serve alcohol but offers halal cold drinks and bottled water. There are a lot of places who claim to serve authentic Pakistani cuisine in United States but the big difference, of course, is the quality of the food. Shah Jee’s is not what you would expect being in the basement of an office building, but it is considered a local gem with amazingly delicious food. If you are craving for some nice authentic Pakistani food than Shah Jee’s is the place to be.

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