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The 10 Best Road Trips in Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa


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Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) is one of the most beautiful provinces of Pakistan. It is full of breathtaking views and mesmerizing sceneries. Every year, thousands of tourists come to visit the beautiful places of KPK. It is jam packed with visitors’ almost whole year. In summers, people come to enjoy the beautiful cool weather and in winters they come to witness the snowfall.

If you are living somewhere in Pakistan or in KPK, you can easily make a journey to these amazing places via road trips. Road trips are less costly and more fun. So let’s have a look at the places in KPK, towards which you can plan a memorable road trip.

1. Lake Saiful Muluk, Kaghan Valley

Saif ul Malook Lake is considered to be one of the most beautiful lakes in Pakistan. It is situated in KPK around 8km from North. You can easily reach this lake by planning a road trip with your friends or family members. The lake gives a magnificent view during summers with fresh flowers and lush green grass and in winters it is covered with snow. This lake is a must go point if you are interested in road trips.

Lake Saiful Muluk, Kaghan Valley

2. Malam Jabba

Malam Jabba is basically a hill station situated in Swat Valley of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This place can also be reached easily via road trips. Malam Jabba has an ultimate beauty and is the only ski resort in Pakistan. This place contains monuments and Buddhist stupas. So if you are interested in skiing and visiting ancient remnants plan a road trip for Malam Jabba.

Malam Jabba

3. Mushkpuri Top, Abbottabad

Mushkpuri top is located in the Hills of Nathiagali in District Abbottabad; Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. You can easily reach this place through a road trip. But to reach the top you will have to hike for about two and a half hour. The view from the top is breathtaking. You can witness greenery all around the hill. The top gives the view of Ayubia below it, which looks heavenly. So if you are into roadtrips, this place should be included in your list.

Mushkpuri Top, Abbottabad

4. Shogran, Kaghan Valley

Shogran is a very beautiful natural place in Mansehra, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This place can also be reached via road trip. The place has mesmerizing and spectacular beauty all around it. Shogran is covered in snow in winter season and in summers, lush green grass and colorful blooming flowers are seen everywhere.

Shogran, Kaghan Valley

5. Nathia Gali, Abbottabad

Nathia Galli is about 34 kilometers from Abbottabad, KPK. The place has a breathtaking beauty having long trees and green grass. People visit this place in summers because of its colder and serene weather. This place can also be reached via road trips.

Nathia Gali, Abbottabad

6. Thandiani, Gilyat

Thandiani, Khybber-Pakhtunkhwa is another beautiful hill station located in Abbotabad. This place is centered with beautiful snow covered mountains of Kashmir and Pir Panjal. Thandiani is covered with thick forest and is a very cold place. You can visit this place and have a lot of fun by planning a road trip with your friends.

Thandiani, Gilyat

7. Ansoo Lake, Kaghan Valley

The Ansoo Lake is situated in Mansehra, Khybber-Pakhtunkhwa. It is given the name of ‘Ansoo’ because its shape resembles the human eye. It is included among one f the most beautiful lakes in Pakistan. This place is so breath taking and relaxing. Plan a road trip with your family or friends to have a peaceful time at this serene place.

Ansoo Lake, Kaghan Valley

8. Chitral

The Valley of Chitral is situated in Khybber-Pakhtunkhwa. This area has its own culture and customs. this valley is famous for unique people of the region. This valley also has a magnificent view and can be reached through road trips. You can visit this place in season of summers because in winters the whole valley is just covered in snow.


9. Makra Peak, Mansehra

If you are interested in road trips, plan one for the Makra peak. This peak is located in Mansehra, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. This place is called ‘Makra Peak’ because when it is covered in snow, the mountains resemble web of a spider. You can reach the place through bikes or jeeps but for reaching the top you need trekking.

Makra Peak, Mansehra

10. Ayubia National Park, Abbottabad

Ayubia is located in the region of Abbottabad in Khybber-Pakhtunkhwa. This place is situated at a considerable height but can be reached easily by making a journey through road trip. Ayubia is surrounded by Thandiani, Nathia Galli and Khanspur. It is a popular tourist spot because of its mesmerizing beauty. This picnic spot has chair lift, places for hiking and a lot of beautiful sceneries to make your trip memorable.

Ayubia National Park