American billionaire divorced his wife to date a 22-year-old Pakistani girl

Pamela Farkas and Andrew Paul


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Real estate giant, Andrew Farkas has officially parted ways with his second wife recently. The Billionaire and his wife Sandi, who looks stunning by the way, have called it quits on their 15-year-old marriage. The reason behind this break off seems to be Farkas new girlfriend who is a Harvard Senior.

The owner of Island Global Yachts has been reputedly dating a 22-year-old Harvard student who happens to be a Pakistani. These two were seen together at a summer destination of New York known as Hamptons. Sources say that the billionaire who is also the Chairman of Hasty Pudding Art Institute at Harvard, met his new girlfriend at the same place. Farkas is also a patron for Harvard and has renovated and expanded the Hasty Pudding Institute of 1770’s just recently, which is now renamed after him. Farkas in an interview before gave Harvard the credit for his Creative Life. He used to spend a lot of time in the Pudding Hall. The hall had been home to some amazing artistic performances over the years and to celebrate this Sandi and Farkhas gave this institute a new life. Sandi Goff Farkas married Andrew in 2001, three years after his first divorce. After their marriage, they both made quite a few headlines due to their philanthropist work. Their divorce seems out of the blue for some people.

It is known that his new girlfriend is almost as young as his daughter. According to some sources, the age difference is said to be of 36 years. But despite their huge age gap, the couple’s relation looks to be on a good track. Farkas is also said to have rented a house on North Haven for his new Asian love, a source leaked it to Page Six.

Andrew Farkas is the founder and CEO Island Capital Group LLC which is a market leader of real estate investing. He graduated from Harvard in 1982 with majors in economics. He became a successful business tycoon in the mid 1990’s and today is worth in billions. 56-year-old Farkas has been married twice so far with two daughters from the first wife and two sons from the recently divorced wife Sandi Farkas who is the Founder of Playwright and screenwriter herself. Farkas settled the divorce with a big amount and it is reportedly said that:

He paid her about three times as much as he needed to. The divorce was quick and super-amicable.

According to Page Six, after their divorce, the couple has decided to sell off some of the assets that belonged to both of them including a jaw-dropping 11,000 square feet mansion at the Upper East side of New York for 42.5 million dollars. The formerly adored couple has completely departed ways but has not formally declared it yet. When asked about the whole event, neither Andrew nor Sandi had anything to say about it.

This article originally appeared on Page Six.