Hogwarts Cafe: Pakistan’s first Harry Potter inspired cafe in Islamabad

Hogwarts Cafe Islamabad


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A big shout out to all the Potterheads living in Pakistan, so what if you can’t go to the real Hogwarts there is always The Hogwarts Cafe located right here in the Capital. This magical realm is located in PWD colony of Islamabad. This Harry Potter inspired themed cafe gives an internal bliss to all the die-hard fans of Harry Potter.

The entrance of the cafe welcomes you with a giant Hogwarts sign on the double doors and of course how could they forget Platform 9 3/4. They have made their own Platform 9 3/4 entrance by a half stuck cart next to the doors. A cart which has suitcases and a cage. On the inside of this enchanted cafe there is a wall where they have written spells like: ‘Expecto Petronum’, ‘Wingardium Leviosa’, ‘Avada Kedavra’, ‘Alohamora’ and many more. Not only this but the walls are filled with posters, pictures and even copies of the Daily Prophet. There are floating candles as well, like you see in the Great Hall of Hogwarts where there is delicious food waiting for students and teachers and of course all the important things happen in the Great Hall like being sorted into one of the four houses, duh!

They even have a novelties sections where you can find trinkets like the Time Turner, a golden snitch necklace or Harry Potter themed mugs. One of the walls has two paragraphs printed from the first chapter of The Philosopher’s Stone. The tables have miniature action figures of the characters from the movies and each table has something different painted on it like Gryffindor, Harry’s glasses and his scar, the golden snitch, the deathly hallows sign and much more.

We wonder if there are house elves working in the kitchen to prepare a delicious meal for us Potterheads, well we are not really sure if there are house elves working in the kitchen or not but the cafe definitely offers great food and drinks inspired by meals from the Harry Potter books and movies. At the moment the cafe is offering pasta, steaks and burgers and at a very reasonable price. They are offering a wide range of yummy drinks known as the potions like: Gryffindor’s Red Lion, Fishy Green Ale, Black’s Brew, The Goblet of Fire and how can we forget the famous ButterBeer. Not only this but they offer some really good mouthwatering desserts. Since it’s The Hogwarts Cafe where you can’t really learn magic but you can find some really good magic based books. Even the staff’s get-up will make you feel like you are actually in some part of the wizarding world.