WittyFeed observed ‘One Independence Day’ in Pakistan and India

One Independence - Pakistan and India


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The month of August brings a wave of emotions with itself for the people of subcontinent. This is the month when the British departed from this part of the world and two new states came into being. On 14th August 1947 Pakistan emerged on the world map as an Islamic Republic and then on the next day, that is the 15th of August, India became independent. Both countries were freed because of the sheer hard work and dedication of their leaders. However, they have not been on good terms since the partition. There has always been bad blood between the neighbors on different political, religious and social issues.

Here is ‘One Independence Day’ promotional video by WittyFeed and it’s partner ‘En Route Thursday’ highlighting the views of the Indians and Pakistanis on the campaign.

WittyFeed, an online venture of an Indian based company that aims to provide infotainment to its followers, come up with something current and in a very unusual manner. This time also, with Independence Day just around the corner, they decided to celebrate it in an unorthodox manner. A campaign was started to create a buzz around this event from 25th July. It was a much-awaited event on social media and a lot of people expressed their opinions on this matter. On 13th August, WittyFeed went on the live feed on Facebook for 4 hours and invited a couple of talented artist to share their views on the relation between the two countries. This initiative was taken to put across the message of shared independence. A lot of people watched the feed and appreciated this effort of WittyFeed. This was one of the comments left on their video praising their work.

love India & Pakistan as well… Thanks WittyFeed for giving us an opportunity to have an idea like this. People of both countries have got a platform to express their thoughts & ideas about a big issue between both countries. This effort is happening first time in history of 70 years after our independence. A Big thanks & wish you all the best for you success.

Here is the video:

The CEO of Witty feed, Vinay Singhal initiated the drive by describing the purpose behind it. He was of the opinion that whatever happened sixty-nine years ago should not be the cause of hate and animosity now. People from Pakistan and India understand each other’s mother tongue, belong to same heritage and share the history of blood together. He believes that “One independence” can help the youth of both countries realize that it is critical that they do not give in to the years of enmity between the two nations. We need to hold hands and do well for own states but not by stepping over each other.

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The campaign went viral in both countries. Besides of some sound glitches and noise disruption in the video, people liked the idea and became a part of this campaign. It is not necessary for us to forget our history and forget the reason why we live in a separate state to solve differences between the two of us. Pakistan and India were part of the same land once, ruled for years by the Englishmen, have sacrificed a lot for this freedom. Coming at each other’s throat all the time would not lead us to any prosperity and will not satisfy our ego. It will although increase our distances and peace will never be achieved.