Sorry Shahbaz Sharif, your own party workers are making fun of you

One Wheeling in Pakistan


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PML-N is in the news again but for all the wrong reasons. Punjab’s chief minister Shahbaz Sharif has been campaigning against one wheeling and is quite vocal about the necessary measures taken to prevent it. But just couple of days before Independence Day, another nerve wrecking act of violence was seen making headlines. This time, they don’t have to go far to look for the culprits because the offenders belong to their own party.

Three youth activists belonging to PML-N were arrested for one wheeling on Thursday. They were kept in the cells of New Model Town police Station and a case was registered against them. But just after an hour of arrest, former MNA Hanif Abbasi stormed into the station along with a group of activists and demanded the release of three lawbreakers. The SHO of the police station refused to let them go even after pressure was exerted by the PML-N leader. This infuriated Hanif Abbasi even more and then the goons of PML took over. They caused chaos in the station, damaging the furniture, breaking the window panes and harassing the police officials on duty. The detained activists were finally freed by the policemen under duress. On their way out, these activists and Hanif Abbasi refused to talk to media and disappeared from the scene immediately.

The SHO of the police station was transferred to the police line as a punishment for resisting the “orders of PML-N leader”. A case was registered by him against the nuisance makers but no action has been taken yet against the workers of the ruling party.

CM Shahbaz Sharif has taken notice of this incident and has asked for a detailed report on the abuse of power and disruption caused by former MNA and party leaders. He has also issued strict orders to take people responsible for this episode to task. Despite the claims made by CM Punjab to completely abolish the act of one wheeling in the province by taking stern actions to punish the lawbreakers, no visible improvement, in this case, has been seen. Above all, people who break the law can easily get themselves out of trouble but people who maintain the law come under the hammer.

This is not the first time when PML-N leaders and leagues members are caught in an act of violence and barbarity. Goons like Gullu Butt and other so-called activists have always been given full authority to go and have their way with the lawmakers. Police officials are often forced to conform to the party leaders and suppress these matters. On one hand, Punjab Government is running adverts asking people to join hands with police to fight corruption; on the other Government is suspending honest cops who are simply doing their job. Due to these dual policies, the nation is left with injustice and inequity on their hands. In a state where the leaders break the law, the system is suppressed and nepotism is on the rise, the light of hope remains flickering.

This story first appeared on DAWN.