Lays Pakistan is Spreading Happiness with #passAsmile Campaign

Lays Pakistan #passAsmile


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Creative marketing is rarely seen during these times of 24/7-depression-filled-Media; A smile is something that could lighten up your mood and make your day! Lays Pakistan is here to the rescue – and yet comes up with a brilliant and innovative concept to spread happiness and positivity. Being notorious for coming up with unique and novel ideas, Lays presents with 50 days of Summer Smiles and Lays Smile Packs, which are not just merely imaginative campaigns, but engulfs a lot of surprises within.

It’s really impressive to see how the campaign is being carried out – targeting consumers regardless of their ages, holding a pack of Lays and snapping the cheesy smile pictures and selfies that have spread all across the social media. The Lays Smile packs are carefully crafted with cheesy smiles printed on the pack – that you hold up to your face while eating the snacks; it’s like your real feeling inside has stamped out in the face of the cheesy-smile-pack. This is one of the brilliantly engaging ideas to spread the happiness and smiles all over.

The vibrant-smiles are being captured by the hashtag #passAsmile, where thousands of people are posting their pictures as one smiling nation, giving the world a positive message. What are you waiting for? Grab a pack, snap your cheesy smile and become a smiley-gang-member of Lays Smile Packs campaign.

But that’s one part of the story – Lays 50 days of Summer Smiles gives you another reason to smile, and yet smile even bigger. Would you believe your smile can get you exciting prizes? Yes! Lays Pakistan is giving away Rs. 100,000/- daily for 50 days with a Mega Prize of an Audi Sedan. This is some crazy style of campaign engineered by the creative-corporate-minds of the marketing team of Lays Pakistan. All you need to do is scratch the code behind the pack and send it to 9005 to enter the lucky draw – where your luck can make your dreams come true. Don’t hesitate; get your pack of lays and enter the lucky draw – A mega prize might be waiting for your SMS.

The more you smile, the luckier you get. Lays Pakistan has proved once again to be an innovative player in these times where digital media is so rampant – and undoubtedly it has taken the lead amongst the rest of the competitors. Both the campaigns, 50 days of Summer Smiles and Lays Smile Packs, are excitedly welcomed by the people and the wave of spreading the smile is accelerating in the top gear. The concept is also well appreciated by the famous celebrities who also snapped their cheesy smiles and shared them using #passAsmile on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Happy Lucky-Cheesy-Munching!