This Pakistani-American family is giving tough time to Donald Trump

Donald Trump and Khan family


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The Presidential Elections in the United States of America are a great deal. They have the significant effect on the world politics. The campaign by Republican candidate Donald Trump has been full of controversial statements. Trump has been criticized for his views on the immigrants, women and banning Muslims from entering the United States of America. He has faced recent outrage as he hit back at the family of a slain Muslim soldier.

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During the Democratic convention, Khizr Khan, father of the slain soldier compelled people to look at the diversity of America. He condemned the views of Donald Trump about banning the Muslims and his harsh opinion about the immigrants.

Captain Humayun Khan died in 2004 while serving in Iraq. He was killed in a suicide attack when he was 27 years of age. The father of Captain Humayun said that the Republican candidate should read the constitution of America which promises liberty and equal protection of the law. He said that if Mr. Trump had bothered to look in the Arlington cemetery then he would have seen the graves of the young and brave people who have given their lives for America. There can be seen graves of all faiths, ethnicities, and genders. The sacrifice of these people shows their love and loyalty for the country.

Khizr Khan has urged the Muslims to take these elections very serious. He has urged them to realize the consequences of the ideas that are promoted by a Republican candidate. He highlighted the sentiments of all the Muslims and immigrants that are living in the US. He said that his son had dreams and aspirations. He set them aside to serve the country that he loved. If it was up to Mr. Trump a loyal soldier like his son would never have been in America.

Khizr Khan with the heavy heart told that he had left Pakistan because he wanted freedom and equality. In the late 1970s, Pakistan was under military rule and he wanted to raise his family in a free and democratic country. He has served the United States and has made sacrifices. He addressed Mr. Trump by saying that “he makes a lot of tough talks but he does not know and understand sacrifice because he has never sacrificed anything and anyone.”

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Trump lashed out at the Parents of the slain Muslim soldier. It resulted in a lot of outrage. It showed the people that he lacks compassion and temperament. These two are very important characteristics of a President. He said the parents of the soldier were controlled by the Democrats and the Clinton campaign. He said that the speech of the father was scripted and probably written by Hillary’s scriptwriters. He criticized the presence of Khan’s wife saying that she had nothing to say. He also said that the wife did not say anything because she was probably not allowed to talk.

The outcome of Khan’s speech has shown its effect on the presidential campaign. Several other officials have condemned the remarks of Trump. The remarks by Trump have been called shameless. The speech of Mr. Khan has become a very important flash point in the elections. The antics that Trump has used in the campaign so far have backfired on him. Trump and his advisors tried to control the situation by saying that the remarks of Trump were justified because he was attacked by Mr. Khan. Throughout his campaign, Trump has violated several norms of the American politics.

The remarks of Trump have given birth to a new wave of criticism. The Democratic leaders have asked the Republicans to disavow Trump. Hillary Clinton criticized the remarks of Trump saying that he had disrespected the Khan family and made a mockery of their sacrifice. She called the remarks by the Republican candidate as degrading and insulting.

Mr. Khan said that the remarks of Mr. Trump show that he lacks the basic qualities of a president. It also shows his ignorance of Islam. Trump has offered his business career as the evidence of sacrifice for his country. Mr. Khan has urged the people to vote for “the healer” and not “the divider”.