5 Celebrities who should have won Lux Style Awards 2016


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We have seen many well deserving celebrities who took home the trophy for their hard work. But, we must say that there were many talents who deserved the Lux Style Award but didn’t get it. Whereas, their work was more captivating and a lot of people plus the artists themselves were hoping that they will take home the trophy that night. No doubt, the artists who got the award are very hardworking and their work was very much praiseworthy. Let’s see the five celebrities who should have won Lux Style Awards 2016

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Best Supporting Actress: Nimra Bucha for Manto

Nimra Bucha for Manto

We all know that Ayesha Khan took the award for best supporting actress for Jawani Phir Nahi Aani but we believe that Nimra Bucha should have won the Lux Style Award 2016 for the best supporting actress. Nimra is a very talented actress who stays true to her acting and the character she has been given. Her acting was more inspiring in Manto as she plays the muse for Saadat Hassan Manto. The character was captivating and haunting at the same time and Nimra played that role really well. Good job Nimra!

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Best Supporting Actor: Shaz Khan for Moor

Shaz Khan for Moor

Shaz Khan really deserved the Lux Style Award for the best supporting actor, no doubt that Javaid Sheikh acting was really good in “Wrong No”, but, we think that Shaz was the rightful candidate for this award. When we see Shaz on our TV screens, the first thought that pops in our heads was that he is born to do this. He plays the son of the main lead and the way he conveyed this role on the TV screen was more realistic and gripping. We were really disappointed when we heard that this stunning actor did not take home the trophy that evening. Better luck next time Shaz.

Best Emerging Talent (Music): Somewhat Super

Somewhat Super

This was very disappointing when we found out that Somewhat Super did not get the Lux Style Award for Best Emerging Talent (Music). A Lahori band that comprises of two talented musicians Talha Dar and Feroz Faisal who have released upbeat singles like Bandook and Patang. Their music is a blend of eastern and electronic and they have brought something new for the music lovers in Pakistan. Doubtless that Slow Spin have released some great music but we were rooting for Somewhat Super to bring home the trophy. Don’t worry boys, you’ll get them next time.

Best Actor: Sarmad Khoosat for Manto

Sarmad Khoosat for Manto

I am sorry but I do not understand that why Humayun Saeed got the award for Best Actor for Jawani Phir Nahi Aani. Sarmad Khoosat deserved the Lux Style Award for Manto. We have seen Sarmad in many different roles and getups, from comedy to drama he has done it all. He portrayed a writer that has been an inspiration for generations and the way Sarmad showed the personality of Manto was absolutely brilliant. Sarmad Khoosat actually made the audience feel what Manto was going through and how the writer faced difficulties living in a society where there is no acceptance of someone who actually highlighted the issues of the society. Whereas Humayun Saeed in Jawani Phir Nahi Aani does nothing but mimic Shahrukh Khan. Our sympathies are with you Sarmad.

Best Film Actress: Samya Mumtaz for Moor

Samya Mumtaz for Moor

No doubt that Mahira Khan is a great actress and has done a really good job in Bin Roye but we were hoping that Samya Mumtaz would win the best film actress award. Samya’s acting is more real and touches the audience hearts with her simple and charismatic looks. In Moor, she plays Moor (which in Pashto means mother) and the way she depicted that role was awe-inspiring. She has played an old woman, older than her own age and we believe that only Samya is capable of playing young-old and she does it really well. We have seen her in many roles and she has portrayed all of those roles very well and we were kind of hoping that she would get the Lux Style Award 2016 for best film actress. But, no worries there is always the next time.