Lets break the world record for most people singing a national anthem

World record for largest human flag on Independence day in Pakistan


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This year on 14th August, Pakistan looks forward to breaking the Guinness World record of most people singing the national anthem. Akhuwat, an organization has planned to organize an event in which thousands of people will sing the national anthem in unison on the Independence Day. This will not just showcase the solidarity of the nation but also the love and patriotism of the people of Pakistan. The aim of Akhuwat is to promote the positive image of Pakistan by bringing together thousands of people on the Independence Day.

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Akhuwat is an organization which has been doing charity work in Pakistan since its conception in 2001. The organization derives its name from brotherhood and takes the inspiration from the earliest example of fraternity that was formed between the Ansar and the Muhajireen. They are inspired by the spirit of the Ansars who were ready to share their wealth and property with their brothers in need. The aim of Akhuwat is to create a system which is based on the mutual support so that the less fortunate people of the society can also lead respectable lives. They have developed interest-free microfinance scheme to help people.

In the early years of the idea of the fraternity was just a philanthropic experiment to see how well an interest-free microfinance will work in the society. As the time passed the donations increased and the idea started to take the shape of reality. By the year 2003, the donations of Akhuwat had reached rupees 1.5 million. The rate of loan recovery was also steadfast at 100%. Because of the success of the movement, it was turned into an organization. The organization got registered and its first branch was opened at Township, Lahore.

The Akhuwat model has been a great success so far. It has also been featured in the curriculum of famous and renowned international and national universities. Moreover, national and international philanthropists has shown interest in the work of Akhuwat. While making a lot of difference in the society of Pakistan, Akhuwat has managed to change so many lives.

This time, Akhuwat aims to break the Guinness world record of most people singing the national anthem so as to show the positivity in our society. Pakistan is a country that faces a lot of negativity not just from the outside world but also from within its own borders. It is important for the people to realize that this free country is a blessing and it is our duty to make it a prosperous.

Breaking a Guinness world record is a source of pride for any country. Pakistan has managed to make its mark before by breaking several records. The record of most people singing the national anthem was earlier set by Pakistan in 2012. It was set in October and it was organized as the part of the youth festival in Punjab province. On that day as many as 44,200 Pakistanis sang the national anthem to break the record previously set by India. That was a very proud moment for Pakistan. At present, Bangladesh holds the record for national anthem sung by most people.

During the Punjab Youth and Sports festival in October 2012, a lot of world records were broken. One of the record that also showed the solidarity with the people of Pakistan was the new record for world’s largest human flag. In this record 24,200 people held up the green and white cards to create the largest flag in the world, at the National Hockey Stadium, Lahore.

Some of the other records set by Pakistani’s in 2012 were the record of holding the largest picture mosaic by people in the same place, the heaviest vehicle pulled, fastest time to wire a plug, most consecutive football headers, fastest time to dress in cricket gear, most leapfrog jumps in 30 seconds etc. These records not just gave confidence to the talented individuals but also to the whole nation. It was a fresh air of positivity while people saw the name of the country taken with pride.

Akhuwat is attempting to achieve the same feeling of pride on the Independence Day in 2016. Their plan is to gather 275,000 people in 500 branches across 30 cities. Through this event, they aim to spread positivity just as they do with their organizational work. Arranging the event on the Independence Day is also significant for spreading patriotism. It is an excellent opportunity to show the heart and spirit of Pakistani nation to the world.