Meadowlark’s music video highlights the life of brick kiln workers in Pakistan

Quicksand by Meadowlark


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Meadowlark band has finally unveiled the video of their new single, ‘Quicksand’. The beautiful song has been written by Bristol whereas Kate McGill did the vocals and Dan Broadley was at the guitars. The idea behind the emotive song was picked from the picture-story on Humans of New York (HONY) facebook page. The song is about the story of a boy working in Brick Kiln in Pakistan that hit Meadowlark the hardest. The story covered by HONY was:

My sister fell ill and her medical bills cost 30,000 rupees. My father wasn’t getting his salary on time, so we had no options. I took a loan from the brick kiln and agreed to work for them until it was paid off. Other members of my family did the same. We thought it would only take three months. But when I went to leave, they told me I owed them 90,000 rupees. I couldn’t believe it. They told me I couldn’t leave. It’s like Quicksand. They only pay you 200 rupees per 1000 bricks, and it all goes to them, and the debt keeps growing. We are supposed to work from dawn to dusk for six days a week, but we never get the 7th day off. They tell me I owe them 900,000 rupees now. There is no hope for me. Every year they have a market. The brick kiln owners get together and they sell us to each other. Just ten days ago my entire family was sold for 2.2 million rupees.

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The story also helped in raising around $2 million dollars for a charity, helping families trapped in this situation. Kate McGill and Dan Broadley transformed the beautiful story into a song. Each scene of the video is made with the idea of depicting the emotions of the story.

Dan Broadley decided to direct the video for ‘Quicksand’ song himself, explaining that:

Quicksand was a difficult one to conceptualize, at first we went to other directors for ideas because my mind couldn’t escape the fact that this song is a very literal account from a person in Pakistan. We had dozens of incredible ideas from really talented directors but nothing quite translated the feelings embedded within the song. It was then I realized that Quicksand needed to be more of a mood film, it needed to translate the emotions within the lyrics into surreal and metaphorical visuals.

Dan further said that

The beach scene represents the illusion of freedom and probably why a lot of this goes unnoticed in Pakistan, none of the prisoners are chained up, but through threats and fear they are not free to walk away from the brick kilns. The bedroom scene shows instability and unbalance at home. Even the feathers stand for something but l’ll leave your minds to decode the rest of the video.

Here is the complete music video of Quicksand by Meadowlark.

The song indeed acknowledges all brave and incredible people who are working hard to make their lives better.

Lyrics of Quicksand

Born in
The love knew no shape
Happy Happy
Living so happy
Your sister became ill
Knowing that medical bill
is money money
Loans of that money
So dawn to dust bricks in a dust
break is a must
that’s so much do you know
This is going down like quicksand
and the market of fuss is the labour of love
sold on a side
Nowhere to hide
Do you know
This is going down like quicksand
when you are ready to leave
Give your soul time to grieve
Stay Stay
you were born to stay
for every breath you take
Those one thousand days
away away
Now gone away
So dawn to dusk
bricks in dust
break is a must
that’s so much
do you know
This is going down like Quicksand
and like it fuss is no labour of love
sold on side
nowhere to hide
and you know
this is going down like Quicksand
You never knew
that all your fears were coming alive
You never knew
that all you fears were coming alive
so dawn to dusk
bricks in dust
break is must
that’s so much
you know
this is going down like quicksand
and the market of fuss is no labour of love
sold on side
nowhere to hide
this is going down like quicksand