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The 10 best Pakistani restaurants in United States

Pakistani restaurants in United States


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America is a country where numerous societies exist including wide ethnic groups, conventions, and values. As per the recent statistics, Pakistani restaurants in United States are developing day by day. The art of cooking food is in our heritage and customs. Pakistani food is celebrated for its flavor all around the world. It differs in flavors from province to province. Every dish has its own charm and specialty.

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Pakistani restaurants in United States

Pakistan is a country with a variety in taste when it comes to Desi Food. Finding a place to eat in America that tastes like home is difficult. Some of the the famous Pakistani restaurants in the United States are:

Pakistani restaurants in New York

1. Lahori Kabab

This restaurant is popular among cab drivers who travel from one city to another.It is not a fancy restaurant to dine in. So, people usually go for takeaways. In addition to kebabs, Samosas and biryani are the famous dishes; rich in flavor and spices. Channa Masala garlic naan is amazing to try as well. Mukhwas is the traditional blend of fennel and coconut seeds with anise and peppermint oil that is chewed after dining, as a famous tradition. It is a decent place to go for pretty good food at reasonable price.

Address: 124 – Lexington Avenue, New York, United States

2. Haandi Restaurant

This restaurant serves both Indian and Pakistani food. It is situated in heart of a shopping center. Haandi is mostly crowded with Pakistani and Indian people, which is a sign that food served there is mouthwatering. Tandoor dishes, curries, and homemade naan bread are available. All the dishes are enriched with spices and flavor; however, individuals with American taste of food may find them over spiced.

Address: 113 – Lexington Avenue, New York, United States

3. Lahore Deli

This restaurant is most famous among Pakistani people. It is one of the best Pakistani restaurants in United States . Takeaways are available along with the place to dine in. Its famous dishes are Samosas and lentil soup. These dishes are exceptionally rich in taste and complex in flavor. They have unique combination of ingredients in their recipes, with full cloves of garlic that are broiled before being stewed in the soup. Lahori chai is most desired among Indians as well.

Address: 132 – Crosby St., New York, United States

4. The MasalaWala

As the name says it all, The MasalaWala is popular eatery on the east of New York. It is a small restaurant, but has great number of customers because of the delicious, spicy and quality food products including korma, biryani, garlic naan, and chicken tikka masala. This restaurant has great customer service.

Address: 179 – Essex St., New York, United States

Pakistani restaurants in San Francisco

5. Curry Leaf

The menu by Curry Leaf offers some regional dishes like chicken korma and Goan sheep vindaloo, and from Pakistan chana masala and tikka masala.

Address: 943 – Columbus Ave, San Francisco, United States

6. Lahore Karahi

Lahore karahi has the best lamb vindaloo as welk as goat curry, saag paneer,chicken tikka masala, and butter chicken which are absolutely mouthwatering. People specially recommend the tandoori fish and chicken boti. These things will surely keep you coming back for more.

Address: 612 – O’Farrell St, San Francisco, United States

7. Shalimar Restaurant

Walk in the Shalimar restaurant for a genuine deal. Their specialty in Pakistani food is chicken tikka masala, palak paneer, daal masala, and garlic naan. It is a budget friendly restaurant for Desi Food. Food is marvelous whatever the season is.

Address: 1409 – Polk St., San Francisco, United States

8. Chutney

Chutney is much famous for Pakistani cuisine. The atmosphere there is good. People usually prefer to take out because sometimes it gets noisy. Its specialties are lamb chop kebabs, garlic naan, and potato naan. Above all, it offers free chai to every Pakistani American tea lovers. One must try out the food and chai here.

Address: 511 – Jones St., San Francisco, United States

9. Aslam’s Rasoi

Aslam Rasoi is owned by a Pakistani man Aslam from Gujranwala. It offers both Indian and Pakistani food. Its Indian specialties are Bombay pakoras and pulao. In Pakistani cuisine, chicken bartha and saag aaloo are the most favorite ones. It has a pleasant atmosphere and great customer service.

Address: 1037 – Valencia St, San Francisco, United States

10. Pakwan Restaurant

Pakwan is thought to be the best for serving Pakistani food in San Francisco. Food here is of best quality and in affordable price range. Dishes are flavorful and delicious. People generally take out food rather than dining in. It is a famous place usually packed on weekends, so attempt to book a table before you plan a visit. House specialties are Behari kebabs,chicken tikka masala,chicken or sheep biryani. Free chai is additionally served.

Address: Sixteenth Street, San Francisco, United States

So now that you are aware of most of the Pakistani restaurants in United States. Which one is your most favorite Pakistani restaurant in America that is putting forth Pakistani cooking as your solace and a source of remembrance of your country?