10 unique careers in Pakistan you may not know about

Careers in Pakistan


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Career choices – rather buzz words that are generally considered synonymous to a few options; Doctor, Engineer, Businessman and the possibilities ends up to just a scant. Careers in Pakistan are generally considered the same traditional choices that everyone has been practicing since long. As to our surprise, the careers and professions have taken a dramatic turn in some surprisingly curious directions. Could you imagine a Career in Pakistan where you would work on your passion and interest rather than having same-old-clich├ęd-job-roles?

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In this article, we present you with 10 unique careers in Pakistan that you might be unaware of.

1) Ethical Hacking

Can hacking ever be a career option? or rather a respectable and legal one? Surprisingly, it is one of the weird-hot-jobs these days that pays exceptionally well. Instead of tampering with information and gaining access illegally, these cyber-geeks help companies and corporations find loopholes in their network security systems. In recent years, Pakistan has produced some top-notch ethical hackers that have helped some huge multinational corporations find security holes.

2) Amusement parks rides operator

Ever been to an amusement park with a wide selection of rides that may seem terrifying and safe at the same time? The credit goes to the well-trained ride operators for keeping them safe and sound. The ride operator’s duty is to ensure the maintenance, handling, emergencies and testing out rides from time to time to ensure their proper functioning and security. Surely a very hectic option strictly not suggested for feeble hearted!

3) Voice over artist

Professional voice over is yet another career option that most of the people are unaware of. Do you possess a commanding voice and love reading from books or other textual matters? Well, this could be a very demanding career option to go for. Voice over careers involves dubbing for television and other audio / video productions. The job pays quite well and it provides a much diversified experience in many ways.

4) Professional Gaming

A phenomenon once considered not more than a hobby, has turned into a full-fledge-highly-paid career choice. During the recent times, the culture of gaming has taken a very unusual turn attracting scores of people from Pakistan to step in and make gaming as a full-time career. Pakistan has also produced some quality teams that have won international accolades in this field. Thou a not-much-loved-career-by-parents, for obvious reasons, this is one of the not so known careers that has quite a green area in it.

5) Food Tasters

To be precise, a mouth-watering career! Or rather eat to Earn! Food tasters are professional people who taste foods for different types of quality checks. Thou the title suggests the career to be very easy, despite being a very interesting area the job entails a lot of training to specialize in the field.

6) Chief Listening Officer

We all use social media for a wide variety of reasons. But ever considered a full-time career in it? Social media is far more than just posting statuses on Facebook or tweeting various things over Twitter. Companies hire professional social media tweeters to learn more about their consumer behaviors and their psychological implications, and subsequently, come up with the relevant offers and promotions. Like to interact with people around the digital world? This path might be your ultimate choice of Career in Pakistan.

7) Technology Evangelist

Are you a tech-freak-cum-marketing-guy who cannot resist learning about technology? Technology Evangelism may be the perfect option for your career! Thou the name suggests a sort of core technical career, but, technology evangelism is far greater than just technology; it is a perfect blend of Technology, sales, marketing and a bit of customer psychology.

It is all about inspiring, communicating and convincing the customers on a particular technology that you master at. Companies hire technology evangelists, which has become a dire need due to cut-throat competition, who help people understand and make the most of their new technologies. The field engulfs a wide variety of experiences in multiple domains, but at the same time demands some crazy efforts to excel at.

8) Food Blogger

Food is where the world to most of the people end – it just transforms the sullen face into a happy-go-face. Thou most of the people are not aware of food blogger as a career, but it stands as one of the charming ones. It is one of the best jobs in the world – reviewing the food others make and at the same time feeling final royalty. Many organizations in Pakistan offer jobs as food bloggers whilst unknown to a good majority.

9) Food Flavorist

As the name suggests, the job requires detail oriented taste buds and a well-honed sense of aroma chemicals, essence and extracts to try and match different flavors according to the specific needs. This is generally a laboratory work and requires a lot of experience to master the arena. Many organizations in Pakistan hire food flavors for selecting and creating flavors that meet customer needs and maintain its stability.

10) Tea Tasting and Blending

Did you even imagine you could actually earn a living tasting tea? Surely a dream job for any Tea-addict! A very uncommon career that most of us are unaware of. Professional tea tasters decide the quality a particular tea to ascertain before it is sent for sales. Imagine your career where you are paid to drink tea – and that too a quite hefty amount! There are numerous career opportunities in Pakistan for tea tasters and blenders.

The aforementioned careers are some of the unknown-nontraditional careers to most of the people of Pakistan. These careers determine the path apart of from the generally followed career-design of most of the people. For some of us, this could be our dream job! Happy exploring the-not-so-famous-career-options!