“Udaari” highlights the sad and inescapable facts about our Society


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Udaari is directed by Mohammed Ehteshamuddin and has a renowned cast in it like: Ahsan Khan, Bushra Ansari, Samiya Mumtaz, Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed. This particular TV show and its content have made many people raise their eyebrows on it. It is considered to be a controversial play as this drama has highlighted many hidden social problems that we face in the Pakistani society, especially by the uneducated class belonging to the rural areas. We consider these topics to be a social taboo and we don’t really talk about these because many people would consider them a disgrace to the society. Here are some of the facts highlighted by “Udaari” about the hidden social problems of Pakistan:

Spoiler Alert: If you have not seen this drama refrain from reading this article as this contains some major plot points.

The first and foremost fact that is highlighted in Udaari is child molestation. Sajjo (Samiya Mumtaz) is a widow; she has a young daughter Zebo. Sajjo can hardly make ends meet as her husband died and she not only has to take care of her house but provide for her daughter as well. She is a simple and uneducated woman who lives in a small house. In order to give her daughter a better life, she marries Imtiaz (Ahsan Khan) who was the best friend of her husband. At first, Imtiaz takes good care of them but as the story develops we find out that Imtiaz is actually a paedophile. After many failed attempts, he rapes Zebo and threatens her that she is not supposed to tell anyone and if she does so he will not only kill her but her mother as well. Even when Sajjo finds out that her daughter has been raped, she specifically tells her daughter that she must not say anything to anybody.

The main highlighted issue is that if there is a case of sexual harassment we are supposed to keep quiet about it and not say anything about it. The sad fact about our society is that Children are usually not harassed by strangers but they are molested by very close people like uncles, friends or very by someone whom the parents know very well.

There is a major lack of awareness in our society about some of the major issues. Instead of children being afraid of telling their parents or anyone they should be well aware that they need to raise their voice against any kind of abuse. The parents need to be well aware that if the child is scared of someone and is hesitant of that person, it is important to get to the bottom of it and instead of staying quiet, they should raise their voice against it. The child should not be taught to stay quiet. This is where we lack awareness especially in rural areas and the uneducated class. Talking about sex and making your child being aware of sex or sexual harassment is considered a taboo in our society. Whereas, it is very important to make the child aware and tell the difference between a good touch and a bad touch.

When Sajjo finds out about what Imtiaz has done to her poor daughter she confronts him but Imtiaz knows that she cannot do anything about it. He, on the other hand, starts beating Sajjo and his typical male mentality makes him think that he can do whatever he wants and whenever he wants. Sajjo takes revenge for her daughter by killing Imtiaz and after that she and her daughter runs away.

The problem highlighted over here is that even though a child was sexually abused but the woman knows that she cannot do anything about it in fact even she does anything about it, her daughter’s life would be ruined and she would be considered a burden to this society. In our society, no matter what the man does, a woman cannot do anything about it despite having every right as per law to stand and speak up against the domestic violence. In rural areas, women lack awareness and they are taught that whatever the man does be it her husband or her father she has to tolerate and adjust according to the man’s wishes as he is the sole bread earner of the family

Sheedan (Bushra Ansari) is the mother of Meeran (Urwa Hocane) and they sing and dance on weddings and functions to earn their living. They are degraded in the society because singing and dancing are not accepted in our culture. Meeran faces many problems because of her family business because she wants to get married to a man who has no respect for these kinds of people and in our society, if a woman wants to get married into a respectable family she cannot sing and dance. Everywhere they go they are known as ‘Marasis’ because there is no respect for female singers and dancers in our society.

Just because Sheedan and her family sing and dance at weddings and functions, they are condemned in our society. Again, the issue is raised that a man can sing and dance or do whatever he wants but when a woman who can sing and dance so beautifully is considered a humiliation to this society.