Hey Ladies! These are the top ten trending womenswear you should try this Eid

Trending Womenswear


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As Eid is one of the most awaited festivals every year in Pakistan, what to wear on Eid is a big question raised by the people. You can see the streets crowded mostly because of shopping enthusiasts all through Ramadan. The whole month is spent on the preparations for Eid or Iftaris. This is the best time for designers to show what is in and what is not, what is trendy and what is not so trendy. The colours and styles you see all around cannot be found anywhere else. Eid is the perfect time to experiment with latest fashion trends while staying traditional. So Ladies, sit back and relax while we take you to the top ten trending womenswear you can try this Eid.

1. Capes

This Eid, go for some trendy cut capes and pair them with some sleek tapered cigarette pants. You can mix and match colours and can even go for some contrasting jewellery beside some pointy toes heels. This outfit will be the hot topic to any party. For a style adjustment, choose a colour palette of pastel blues, mint greens, floral pinks and classic white paint, these are ideal for the summer lunches and formal dinner parties.

2. Tulip Shalwars

The trend of tulip shalwars is spreading like wildfire this season. So, it is impossible to miss out this trend for this Eid. This elegant and classy shalwar is a must have for afternoon lunches now-a-days. You can pair this sleek cut tulip shalwar with sheer net and organza shirts; you can even add some beads or some colourful laces on the borders of your shalwar. But, you cannot go wrong with a simple cut tulip shalwar. With your tulip shalwar, you can go for some pastel pieces like ice blues, light peach or classic white paint, perfect for a fashionable Eid.

3. Go Funky

This is the perfect choice for young girls to go vibrant and funky this Eid. The stores are filled with funky and bold motifs which can be a comfortable blend of eastern and western. For a casual outing this Eid you can easily go for funky and vibrant colours. Eid is a perfect opportunity to mix classic and contemporary styles of eastern and western womenswear. You can keep these styles to a minimal and pair these funky kurtas with jeans, leggings or even sleek tapered cigarette pants. With these, you can go for light pastels like tea pinks, mint greens, lemon yellows or even darker shades like royal blues and blacks, perfect for a chic look this summer.

4. Culottes

Culottes are a must have this season, they are perfect for this blazing heat, and you can play around with them with some funky jewellery and sharp pointy heels. Go for some bright hues and classic blacks; pair these with a trendy tapered sleeveless jacket, pulled back hair, berry lips and accessorise it with belts and statement jewellery. You can even keep it to a minimal by wearing a crop top and some light coloured heels or sandals.

5. Jackets

You can never go wrong with a statement jackets. Why not try something new this Eid? Go for some trendy cut jackets and with some 3D floral embroidery, experiment these jackets with belts or high-low hemlines. These jackets are fit for a formal occasion womenswear. You can do sheer net fabric and go for staple hues like blacks, whites, gold and silver. These jackets can be elegantly timeless.

6. Flares

Flare it up this Eid with some trendy flared pants, no matter what, flare can never be boring. You can always mix and match as they can be a perfect blend of eastern-western. Go for a more vibrant colour palette like monochrome, pop of pastels and neon or you can always go for earthy beige and browns and cream. You can create a sophisticated yet luxurious appeal if you pair them with heavy embroidered pastel shirts. You can even go for some digital printed pants and pair them with some dark coloured tunics.

7. Off-shoulder tunics

These tunics are something different yet traditional. They are perfect for an outing in this blazing sun or summer lunches. You can go for vibrant colours with these tunics that will give you a classic feminine appeal. Pair them with cotton pants, silk dupatta and sharp pointy heels.

8. Go Bold

Who says you are only limited to light or pastel colours? We say go bold and go vibrant this Eid. Choose from a zingy colour palette of orange, pinks, yellow, green and blues. Balance the colours with bold embroidered floral and motifs, finish it off with some beads on the sleeves and shirt hemlines. You will be the talk of the crowd with these vibrant outfits, perfect for a festive Eid.

9. Block Print Kurtas

Nothing beats the simple yet elegant block printed kurtas. You can pair them with almost anything; from tulip shalwars to straight tapered cigarette pants. You can never go wrong with these kurtas. These kurtas are not only trendy but glamorous, perfect for a festive Eid.

10. Digitally Printed Silk Dupattas

Last but not the least on our list are the digitally printed silk dupattas. They are perfect for an afternoon Eid lunch or even for an Eid dinner. Pair it with organza, silk or cotton net shirts for an elegant and classy look. Digital printed dupattas are pieces that are unique must have in your wardrobe for this Eid.