Abdul Sattar Edhi: A hero we don’t deserve but a hero we need

Abdul Sattar Edhi


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With the increase in age most people lose interest in living and let weakness overpower them but this national figure is one of his kind. Abdul Sattar Edhi at the age of 87 is still steadfast in his aims and works hard with whole-hearted determination to run his NGO in Pakistan, named Edhi foundation. It is among the most trustworthy NGOs in Pakistan and carries out social work, charity collection and other important deeds for the welfare of poor and deserving people.

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Serving humanity since 60 years

Dwelling in such a world where majority puts its needs first instead of their brother’s, people like Abdul Sattar Edhi are hard to find. Working aimlessly he has forgotten to live for himself and his family. The objective of his life is to help others and pull them out of misery, and like what a good family does, his family members have always supported him and stood by him in every act, he has ever carried out.

A figure to be proud of

Such selfless figures are a blessing for the natives of Pakistan. He is an amalgam of all the noble personalities living on this earth. Showing the world and most importantly the people of Pakistan the meaning of humanity and sacrifice. He has done more than anyone could ever do.

Facing the tragic accident of losing his mother at an early age made Abdul Sattar Edhi enthusiastic to serve those who are helpless and poor. It seems like, since then, he took an oath to help those who don’t even have the basic provisions of life like food, clothes, and shelter.

Edhi’s services in the light of Edhi foundation

Edhi foundation was established by Abdul Sattar Edhi at an early stage of his life. Throughout his adulthood, he has invested time in bringing up the best accommodation and transport service for the poor and injured respectively. The most prominent services of Edhi Foundation are as follows:

  • By now, 250 centers are present all across the country to provide shelter to the orphans, homeless widows, mentally ill patients, unwanted children and ill people.
  • Drug addicts are provided with rehabilitation services.
  • He owns the world’s largest ambulance service which serves the victims from any disaster. It picks up the injured person and takes him to the hospital.

Millions of people living in Pakistan and even those living outside the country have appreciated his tireless efforts for humanity. Many of them have donated unreservedly and many students have volunteered in his program. Abdul Sattar Edhi is also known as the owner of the world’s largest non-profit social welfare organization.

Even in the times when the government itself has made no efforts in preserving the destitute of the country, this common man has taken a pledge to do so on his behalf. Abdul Sattar Edhi has received numerous awards for his service and is in the line of recommendation for the Nobel Peace prize. Such heroes should increase in number to make the Islamic state of Pakistan proud.