New Zealand refused visa extension to a Pakistani female refugee and her son

New Zealand rejected visa extension to a Pakistani female refugee


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Terrorism has impacted the whole world and has forced a lot of people to leave the comfort of their homes. The fear of life has caused millions of people to move to other countries through legal or illegal methods.

Pakistan has also been afflicted by terror attacks by Taliban and other terrorist groups. Pakistanis have been force to leave their comfortable lives in their own country and move to foreign countries without any assurance whether they would be allowed to start a proper and comfortable life there or not. These people immigrating to the foreign countries have to face a lot of uncertainty.

One such story has come into light in which an unnamed Pakistani woman and her 19- year old son left Pakistan and fled to New Zealand because they feared for their life. They have been denied the refugee status and now they are facing deportation.

This family of three, belonging to the district of Swabi, entered New Zealand on visitor visas after they received a series of threats from Taliban and kidnapping of their only son. The mother and son stayed in New Zealand while the father returned to Pakistan because of heart surgery.

The family moved to New Zealand because they received constant threats from Taliban and also from relatives. The family feared that their relatives have connections with Taliban. The kidnapping of the son was also assumed to be because of family enmity and their connection to the terrorists.

The family applied for refugee status because when father returned to Pakistan, he still received threats from Taliban and his relatives. Who had threatened to kill his son if he returned. The mother who has also worked as volunteer polio worker fears that they may face the hostility of Taliban because of her volunteer work. Polio workers have been targeted by the terrorist group and one of her cousin was killed because of her association with the polio campaign. Their fear of persecution is based on the fact that their home district Swabi still has a lot of Taliban influence making it impossible to live there.

The application for refugee status has been rejected by New Zealand because they believe that although the family does face security threat in the district of Swabi but if they decide to move to any other city like Karachi they will be able to resume their lives without any security threat. The family is financially able to start over their lives in another city rather than becoming refugees in another country. The officials who decided the fate of this family do acknowledge the threat that this family faces but they are of the opinion that moving to another city can solve their problem. They do not think that immigration is their only solution and that’s why the family is facing deportation. The family is headed back to the land they left because they no longer felt safe there.