Ten biggest Problems faced by Pakistan

Biggest Problems faced by Pakistan


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Although Pakistan is rich in resources but there are many problems faced by Pakistan since independence and has undergone a variety of crisis.These issues could easily be solved but due to the lack of attention from our government these problems are rising day by day.

Biggest Problems faced by Pakistan

Given below are some of the major problems faced by Pakistan, which are highly neglected by our government.

1. Poverty

A survey shows that Poverty rate of Pakistan has increased 30% to 40% during the past ten years. It means that about 40% of Pakistani population lacks even the basic needs of life such as food, shelter etc. The solution of these problems faced by Pakistan should have been on our government’s priority list.

2. Education

Unfortunately about half of the Pakistani population is illiterate and this rate is expected to increase a lot in future. Government should pay attention towards this issue because a country cannotpr progress without providing basic education to its people. Poor education rises negative perceptions.

3. Health Issues

Our country is facing severe health crisis. The rate of diseases among poor families is increasing noticeably. Government should pay a heed to this life threatening issue and build new hospitals and work for the betterment of the existing ones.The first step to resolve this issue is to create basic awareness of health and nutrition.

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4. Corruption

Pakistan is suffering from a fatal problem known as Corruption. Instead of eliminating this problem our leaders itself are involved in it. We need to remove corruption from its root if we want our country to progress. Corruption should be investigated powerfully without favoritism.

5. Life Security

Today in Pakistan, there is no security of our lives. We continuously live under the threat of getting killed in a blast or by a target killer. While leaving the house, people are not sure whether they will return safely or not. Our rulers should make our country secure for a common man so that he lives his life peacefully.

6. Justice

Unfortunately, Pakistan has a very poor judiciary system. It works on money. Wealthy people don’t get caught even after committing major crimes however the poor ones face punishments, not because of their crime but because of lack of money due to which they could not bribe the judiciary. Government should work on this because a country cannot survive without a fair judicial system.

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7. Human Rights

Major parts of our country are rural, where most people are illiterate. These people don’t know their rights. Specially women are deprived of their rights because of lack of awareness. Living in a country where not even basic rights are given to people sucks. Our rulers should make efforts to provide the basic human rights to all people.

8. Unemployment

Unemployment is another major problem in Pakistan which must be considered by the government. According to a survey about 5% of our population is unemployed. Unemployment gives rise to many other major problems such as illiteracy and poverty.

9. Energy Crisis

Another major problem in Pakistan is of load shedding.This situation is due to lack of electricity. So instead of building roads and fly overs, government should first build new dams and turbines for the generation of electricity.

10. Refugees

A huge number of Afghan refugees are staying in Pakistan. They live in slums and have no jobs. This way they are increasing poverty and unemployment rate in our country. Government should provide these people with the opportunity to work and to involve in the betterment of the country. Also the government should evaluate its political implications.